A question to put to you all...

Oct 24, 2005
...First of all, apologies if this is in the wrong place, or its inappropriate to ask, but I've been looking all over for this information and I thought this might be the best place to find it.

Here is my question - what is pony hair? In terms of use in bags/clothes, etc. I mean. Is it exactly what is implied, or is it something else? Two articles I read said that pony hair/was just hairy calf leather, but is that always the case? Or even ever the case?

I ask because some of the new 06 Balenciagas have been released in pony hair/leather, and its making me nervous. Do they really kill and skin horses for bags?:unsure:
I had the same question and I've put it to a friend whose family owns a shoe business. She says her brother would know so she's getting back to me. I'll let you know when I hear something.
Thanks - I'm hopeless with animal products. I have an overly guilty conscince I think - makes bag shopping a nightmare at the moment, with all the exotic materials out there. But horses are an absolute no-go area for me - I love them too much.
I actually asked this same question to an SA in Saks when I was browsing some "pony hair" bags. She told me that it's calf leather that has been treated a certain way. Just as suede is a variation of how leather is treated, they do something to make it hairy like that. She didn't know why it was called "pony" but just that it definitely doesn't come from horses.
Oooh.. this is interesting.

It actually makes quite a bit of sense, there probably aren't enough horses around suitable for the purpose of making handbags out of them.. especially since leather can be a by product of the meat industry (which is massive !) and horses not so much.
hi guys,

pony hair is a term that can cover a whole lot of ground. There is actually horse hair (which is kind of course and people think it's cow).

There is cow hair , which isn't that soft, but it has a lot of body.

And then there is the creme de la creme which is calf hair, which is soft, shiny, supple and light weight...and need I say expensive?

But may people refer to hair on skins as pony at times (however erroneous that may be)...it sometimes also refers to the spotted (black and white with a little brown mixed in at times) variety that you see on more rustic bags...

can you tell that I love leather?

jay jay
I have "pony hair" shoes but I never asked the sales lady because I assumed they were what the tag said. I really dont care- either way it goes some type of animal died so you might as well rock it minus the guilt.....
A lot of sa's will say they don't know but as far as I know if it says pony hair then it is pony in which case the pony could have been killed for it, although they do eat horses in France so it could be a by product of the meat, otherwise it is probably cow, although normally if it doesn't say it is still pony as cow isn't soft enough. Any animal hair or fur for me is a big NO.