A question that could wait until morning but..

  1. .....you ladies and gents are so sweet around here. I'd rather ask you all rather than wait to call the boutique in the morning.

    What are the specific '06 Epi colors available this year for the Alma? (yep I've been trying to get my hands on one.. ). I've been looking at eBay but only older ones have been listed (and I lost a great looking Mocha!).

    I called the 866 # and well they seemed sorta... clueless..

    Thanks all.. the LV Newbie. :smile:

    p.s. was originally targeting black but want to look at the other colors!
  2. Red, black, canelle ...and upcoming white.

    Myrtille ond mandrain are technically discontinued, but there still might be some available.
  3. Thank you!!! The LV rep (from the 866 #) had indicated Mandarin and Blue (myrtille?) were still available but as you indicated - I thought they were discontinued.
  4. fyi myrtille is STUNNING irl. i have a myrtille speedy and the color is just YUMMY.
  5. I am kind of surpise LV came up with the white epi color, can't wait to see it!!!
    My friend have a red Alam and I think it's perfect to go with jeans. Black one is nice too, but it's more like a "working bag" to me :p