A Question - Spring / Summer Scarf?

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  1. Hi all,

    My very first time to vist the LV thread, so nice to be here!:biggrin:
    As the proud owner of the leopard scarf, Stephen Sprouse roses scarf and many others, does anyone know what scarf design is coming as the next 'must have'?
  2. I don't think that there is this 'must have' but I do like the azur for summer. It just depends on what you wear.
  3. The new Damier Azur Scarf is I believe this season's must-have.
  4. ita!!!
  5. Yup, for me the Azur Stole is a must have....if it looks nice on me.
  6. :yes:

  7. I don't have this, nor do I plan to, but I agree!
  8. Thanks so much everyone! Not sure if I will buy yet, but am now on the waiting list for the scarf - will post photos if I splurge!!:happydance:
  9. I want the splash pareo as a scarf!
  10. I just got the Damier Azur stole and its TDF!
  11. I totally agree, the azur stole is gorgeous, I hope to pick one up soon! You should try to take a look at one if you can, you'll fall in love!
  12. Any pictures of the Damier Azur stole? Would love to see how it looks:smile::smile:
  13. :yes:

  14. I'm currently obsessing over the Comete Bandeau in light pink. I think it is TDF especially on Damier Ebene :biggrin: But the one in Violet would look AWESOME on an azur bag!
  15. I do like that Azar Stole, it is fabulous.
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