A question (Sorry new to buying bags)

  1. I just started buying brand name bags about a year ago, and since being on purseforum I've been obsessed.

    Ok so the question is: I noticed alot of people have been talking about these metallic reissues. Just the other day I bought the metallic classic flap. Besides the different locks on the bags. Is there something else that is different between these two bags? They look very similiar to me. And also which one is the original one?
  2. The classic flap is the original one. The leather and chain straps are also different.

  3. OIC ... Thanks so much!
  4. If you want to compare, you should go to the reference library and look at pics of the flap, classic flap, and reissues. There you can see the differences, in some cases, side by side. :yes: Lots of great info and pics there!