A question regarding the freezing weather and our LV's

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I just had a question about the canvas and this ridiculously cold weather we're having. Where I live it has been in the twenties for a while and I haven't been using my LV's because I'm afraid that the canvas could crack. Am I being paranoid, or can this really happen? TIA!
  2. it was around -16 F and I took out my damier alma today. It seem to be fine. I think canvas won't crack that easy.
  3. During the weeks of -20 and -30 weather that we had in my neck of the woods I wondered about this. It's surprising how brittle very cold weather can make otherwise durable materials. I'm curious to hear what people have to say about this...
  4. Ya, it was in the minus thirties here too. My Neverful was so stiff that it barely budged. I haven't been using it and just use my Gucci because it's not made of leather.
  5. lets put it this way i left my speedy in my car and it got got down to below zero and when i got in the car the bag was frozen lol very stiff but the canvas was fine nothing to worry about
  6. is there a conditioner we could use on the canvas to make this better?
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  8. Well, I live in Canada - and the bags are fine. Canvas is tough ! ;)
  9. I've been using my NF everyday for about a month now and it's fine. And it has been COLD here in Canada.