A question regarding bayswater handle!

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  1. Dear all Mulberry lovers,

    I plan to get a Chocolate Bay.
    I will spray it with collinil waterstop but ... how about the handles?
    Do I need to apply "protection"?
    I've tried to search the forum but no ... results?

    I also have the Balenciaga care kit from LMB.
    Can I use the "For your handles only"?

    And lastly, how many coats for the waterstop spray??

    Thank you! :yahoo:
  2. great question, I also have the same LMB for handles and use on all my bags especially sensitive nappa bags from Miu Miu and Bals, I assume it is OK on Bays, but leather is so amazing on these bags (Mulberry) I am wondering if there is any need for it.
  3. I spray the entire bag when I spray mine with Collonil, the leather is the same on the straps as the rest of the bag, and needs the same collonil'ing ;)

    What do you mean by protection? The Collonil protects from water and other things that might stick to the surface of the bag.

    The choc isn't that prove to watermarks obviously, when I had my choch a4 roxy tote, I sprayed it a few times, but never really saw the need for it. If you spray twice, and let it dry each time, and once every month, I'm sure you'll be fine =)

    Perhaps get some cream if the leather needs moisture (plenty of threads on that :P )

    No idea re the kit you've got =)

    Congrats on getting a bays, lovely bag!!!
  4. I'd spray the handles too - also, I know handcream isn't good for the handles (as it will darken the leather), so always try to let your handcream dry before grabbing your bag!!
  5. The chocolate handles on my sheepskin bays seem very tough and not needing spraying as much as the sheepskin.
  6. I don't think you will need to treat the handles - they are quite different to those on bbags and much sturdier. A few coats of collonil will do the trick.
  7. Thank you all Mulberry experts! I have a better idea of the amazing leather after all the lovely replies! I will just spray it with waterstop and tada!

    I GOT THE BAG! Will do a reveal soon!!!! :smile: It's my very first Mulberry!!!!
    So excited!!!!!!!!!

  8. Congratulations, can't wait to see it
  9. Congrats :biggrin:
  10. Thanks!
    Revealing! =)