A question on the button closure Kooba's..

  1. Ok...on the Kooba Elisha's, Bonnies, Siennas etc they have magnetic button type closures.

    My question is, has anyone found that they can tear after long term use.
    Thats the reason Im hesistant to buy one. My two IF bags have button closures but the buttons are on a separate 'tab' of leather so it doesnt put pressure on the actual inner lining, if you see what I mean, but as the Kooba buttons are acutally attached to the inner lining, Im worried that over time it may loosen and tear.

    Any thoughts on this please?
  2. I have not owned my Koobas long enough to have that kind of wear and tear.

    Hopefully the seasoned vets here will reply.
  3. Hmm. I haven't had any trouble. The magnets on my Koobas aren't real strong.
  4. Of my three Koobas that have the magnetic buttons I have had no trouble as of yet. Now, I have had them only about a year so time will tell. However, some of the more Kooba savvy gals...and you know who you are...can hopefully shed alittle more light on the subject.
  5. No problems here with the magnets or snaps. I can't imagine the leather tearing from pulling them open. I find the magnets on the side of my Elisha are ultra strong. Kinda have to tug them apart but that is good because I keep keys and cell phone in there.
  6. The only time I've had trouble with magnets is on one of my high end bags-the Marc Jacobs. The pressure on the snap is pulling on the leather-I should take it back, but I haven't. Maybe I'll write their customer service and see what they suggest. Never had problems with my three Koobas-just love them!!!:yes:
  7. Thats my worry about the pressure of the button pulling on the leather. However it seems that no one has had any problems like that yet with a kooba....

    Now the problem is, which one to buy:graucho:

    Thanks for the replies!
  8. i definately think that they're made well. i only got my bonnie just recently, but the snaps seem to be fastened in such a way that they are flat against the leather. it just feels secure to me. see if you can tell what i mean by these:
    Bonnie Snap1.JPG Bonnie Snap2.JPG
  9. Thanks for those pics Vicious bliss.

    Let me show you why Im worried. I got the bag below in Morcocco six months ago. I only found out 2 months later that it was a copy of a Kooba scarlett! I had never heard of Kooba before that...:shame: I dont use it anymore coz I only like 'the real thing' and Im not into fakes! Bleugh!
    Anyway if you see below, when the bag is closed the button really pulls on the leather. I guess it could be cheap leather but its looks and feels like it could tear at any time. I couldnt bare to see this happening on the Kooba that is coming my way......
    dummy 038.jpg dummy 039.jpg dummy 040.jpg
  10. the first picture is of my roommate stretching the bag out, (no bag was hurt in the taking of this photo) and the second is of it just relaxed. i see what you mean, but as far as i can tell if you don't beat the :cursing: out of it, you're golden!

    (i seriously treat mine like it's going to break like glass lol... i'm paranoid and NEED NEED NEED to get the wilsons leather protector)

    :yes: i hope that helps yeh~!

    i took a few more i'll post in a moment!
    snapclosed1.JPG snapclosed2.JPG
  11. i apparently don't carry much... sunglasses in a case, lipgloss, coach mini skinny with keyfobs and charm, car keys... but these were taken with that stuff in it. i think you're just gonna squish it when it gets there. tehe.
    Snap1.JPG Snap2.JPG
  12. ....................:roflmfao: Love that!

    Vicious Bliss you have been such a help. It looks like the kooba leather is thicker than the one my cheapo bag was made out of. Mine was cow skin for sure!!! hehee.

    Im off to check eBay for this wilsons spray that you all are raving about. Hopefully I can get a good deal on shipping to the UK.

    Thanks again!
  13. glad to help! just enthusisatic about my new kooba. she's sensitive, but the quality of this bag is delish.

    the tag reads:

    This Kooba bag has beem crafted from the finest Italian lambskin. The difference in grain and slight discoloratiohns are evidence of the naturalness and authenticity of good quality leather.

    oh yes, they tell the truth... *pets bonnie* :girlsigh:
  14. Oh, don't worry. Can't compare a Kooba's quality to that Morrocon bag. Looks relatively crappy (sorry!). The snaps are very secure and tight to the leather. I can see where you would be worried with that other bag though. No doubt it will tear in time.
  15. Ditto. No comparison in quality - you will be fine with your Kooba :yes: