A Question On Storage: The LV Monogram Keepall

  1. hi guys,

    just wondering, i got the monogram keepall45, and what is the best way to store it? since day 1 i had it hanging off a wall-hook in my room, and now that the colour is honeyed, i want to pack it into a dustbag and back into his box.

    thing is do i:
    1) stuff it full of paper, than into dustbag, into box?
    2) fold it, into dustbag, into box?
    3) or just hang it out, does not matter?

    and if you guys say 2), is there a right way of doing it so that it would not be creased permanently (ugly marks and all)?

    thanks again!
  2. I keep my keepall 60 with a pillow it got at IKEA it its DB in is box. Its 6 years old so its got some patina on it. :heart:
  3. Please don't fold it. Eventually it will crack along the creases. Mine doesn't fit in the dustbag, so I just have it on the shelf hanging out with it's sisters!
  4. thank you guys for the advice! ;)
  5. i have the keepall 55 and i asked the sa as i had the the same question and she told me to fold it as it was when i got it. dell said not to for good reasons but thats what the sa told me.
  6. my 50 is in my closet but stuffed no dust bag
  7. i always have mine folded inside it's dustbag. the folds aren't permanent unless you put weight on it for very long periods.
  8. ^
    I agree with the duck, I've kept it folded and I didn't get a dustbag to protect it.
  9. Mines folded, and stored somewhere (where? not too sure...) =[
  10. Mine folded in my wardrobe no dustbag
  11. Mine is stuffed with towels. I like it that way, because then I can look at it everytime I open the closet too :love:
  12. Once unfolded, I never refolded (not like I could figure out how anyway!). My Keepall 50 is stuffed with all those freebie Lancome bags (gotta put em somewhere) and up on the closet shelf, covered with the big LV dustbag. Sometimes I uncover to let it patina gradually. I'd put it in the dustbag, but it doesn't fit!
  13. i keep my 55 and 45 folded in their dustbags.
  14. They will crack if kept folded long enough, especially if your home gets warm in the summer. I just purchased a stuffer pillow for my 50 and I keep it stuffed and covered in my closet.
  15. I keep my 55 folded in it's dustbag.:idea: