A question on Balenciaga


Feb 6, 2006
I know there are probably hundreds of questions asked already but this is my first, so please bear with me. Do you know if the B-store in NYC has many colors to choose from? Or everybody has to locate their bags from somewhere else? If I want to buy a B-bag, what would you recommend as the first must have. Thanks a lot for the help!

P.S. Have a lot of people here bought their bags from Personalshoppers on ebay? Are the bags auth and in good condition? Thanks again!
I think your first must have B-bag should be the "first" (small) size. Then the city size and so on. But if you tend to like bigger bags, then maybe you should go with the city?

And yes, personalshopper is legit.
the great thing about balenciaga bags is that there is not any must-have color. you can completely tailor your b-bag collection to your liking because there are SO MANY colors! i'd suggest a First/classique as your first bag, i think it's definately the most versatile size, but they make like 10 different styles in the motorcycle bag, so go crazy!
I would probably get the bag somewhere that offers an exchange or return policy. That way if you don't like the style, you're not stuck with it. Just my two cents! I've done the eBay thing and sometimes it's frustrating when you don't like the bag after you get it.
To find out what bags are available at their NYC store you can email them and inquire or call. The telephone number is (212) 206-0872. Their email address is: [email protected]
I have a City and two Twiggy bags. Either one is a good first purchase. If you prefer a shoulder bag they have them as well. The colors are fabulous! It depends on what you like or what you are looking for. They can tell you what is currently available. Happy hunting!!! P.S. A lot of us have posted pics of our bags on different threads. You can get an idea of the colors. Check them out.
Thanks Holly and Kat! I do want a neutral, maybe lighter color cause all my bags are pretty dark. Well, with a soon to be five years old going out with me all the time, dark color is safer! :lol:
I'll email the store. Thanks again.

Also check aloharag.com. They're an authorized online seller of Balenciaga and Chloe. I got my Chloe silverado and a Balenciaga classique from them.....they're wonderful. They also have a return policy, but I believe you have to pay a restock fee. They're in Hawaii, so there's no tax unless you live in Hawaii. That's a big savings.
I went into Balenciaga today and I bought the blue city. I wanted the tan but they won't have it until March. They have pink, red, grey, ink, olive, black and white in medium. I cannot have too light colors 'cause I'm afraid it's going to get dirty so I picked the blue. Although not the neutral color I wanted, it's still easy to match my clothes. I probably want to call them to get the tan when it comes in. Then, with the denim box, I'll be done with my b-collection. :biggrin:

Sorry Holly, I didn't get the tan or black, I hope you're not mad at me. I'm just too old for red. :smile: