A question on applying Apple Garde

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  1. Hi, I purchased a black B-Day and decided to trying the conditioner and rain repellent that everybody seems to love. My question is, do you have to protect the hardware when you apply the conditioner and spray? How can you do that? The hardware on my bag are those silver giant ones.

    I also have a blue city and wondered whether I should use them on it, would the color change? Just feel more comfortable using it on the black one. Any advices are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I simply sprayed on the AppleGarde, even on the hardware. I sprayed two coats, allowing the bag to dry within coats.

    If you're worried about colour change, you can test it on a small area in an obscure place like the leather tag on the inside of the bag. I've used AG on a number of Bals but didn't observe any colour changes.
  3. Thank you ieweuyhs! I can't wait to receive the AppleGarde and try it on my bag.