a question of etiquette....

  1. So ladies, Have you ever in countered people touching your bag. I had a sales girl at a store yesterday grab my purse off the counter. (Lamb oxford in cheetah) and Proceed to model with while i was waiting to see if they had another size in something. she then starts rambling off questions. who makes it? where did you get? it how much was it? When I told her it was from a previous season and this seasons ones ran for around 625 but you could find good sales on them. she dropped the purse on the counter like it was the cause of the plague. I also have several times when little kids will pull on my purse while I am carrying it. I on a whole carry bright/fun print bags so I can understand the attraction to them. I usually try to say in my nicest tone "please don't do that honey." but...I've gotten some lip from mother about me telling there kids what to do. So I ask you ladies What have you done when someone just feels the need to touch you bag with out asking?
  2. Let me get this right: you politey ask a little child not to touch your purse and the mother give you lip for telling their kid what to do? :wtf:
    Whatever happened to "don't touch things that don't belong to you" or ask for permision before you touch?
  3. That is just plain rude! Who the heck does that? I've had girls ask me where I got my bag but never try and pet it.
  4. I know right my mother would have been mortified that i was touching other people that I DON'T know property...

    The sales girl pissed me off more. I mean little kids are little and don't know any better but she was an adult she totally knows better!
  5. Mothers who give you lip for telling their children what to do...when THEIR children are being rude and pulling on your bag is just plain rude! I've never encountered that though luckily. I have entered a Coach boutique and an SA commented on my Coach purse that I carried on my arm. But that has been it.
  6. As a mother of 3 children I would die if any of mine touched you or your purse!

    You have every right to tell them to stop.

    As for the SA she was just rude. I had one in bloomies model my bag and ask me who made it and where I got it. I told her it was Kenneth Cole and picked it up at TJ Maxx. She thanked me and said she would head over there after work.
  7. I don't like people touching me or my stuff. I feel like my space is being violated. I think you handled it well. I don't think I would have been so nice.
  8. Geez, who touches other people's purses, of all things! :confused1:

    Especially in this day and age.

    The place where you keep your wallet with cash, credit cards, personal id etc?

    I would have asked the SA to please put it back down next to me, frankly.

    The mother's children, I just feel sorry for honestly. Their mother is a fool.
  9. I do feel for you. One time my two year old patted the women's behind in front of me in line. I wan't to drop through the floor. I had him tell her he was sorry. The mother should have had the child say they were sorry. Sometimes your kids are challenging.....
  10. i have a FRIEND.. who (whenever i lay my purse down to try something in the store) picks up my bag and walks away carrying it ..which annoys me.. even if am wearing a jacket and I take it off for her to hold she wears it and doesnt take it off until I tell her 'heellooo'.
  11. I can relate to touching. I truly don't like anyone touching me or whatever belongs to me without asking first. I experience so many women trying to touch and actually touching my jewelry on me, I felt sick to my stomach. They would touch diamond, aquamarine etc. I mean, when they are touching what are they trying to accomplish? It's gemstones, you look at them you don't touch them - they get dirty when you touch them.
    I am a mom to 12 y.o. son, he never kick or touch or hang on anyone.
    Several months ago I was at the medical office and woman was with a kid, he was touching things, running, jumping, he was very disruptive and finally he laid next to me and was kicking a chair right next to me. He was getting closer and closer to kicking me, and when he was almost there I said to him: Please, stop kicking. This woman (who were not paying attantion at all and was speaking to the other woman next to her) turn to me and said:I am a mother, talk to me not to him. "Excuse me, he was kicking me, not you."
    In such situation it is so hard to believe people who truly so ignorant to others they care only about themselves. She did not care what her child did to others, but when others tried to stop his disruptive behavior she become defensive, agressive and talking about her rights, like a child was her property....
  12. Thankfully no one ever tried to touch one of my bags - I do get compliments from time to time for my bags or people ask me where I bought them; but that's it.
    About these "over protective" mothers... :cursing: I think if that would ever happen to me I would just freak out...( I am not a mother but I think I am able to tell when a child misbehaves).
  13. I have had people touch my bags.. I usually grin and bear it. Never had a child attack my bag though!!
  14. Wow that was really rude...and I would NOT have been so nice. I have issues with personal space anyway. One time I was in line and this lady was pretty much standing on top of me (and no it was not a crowded space). So I acted like I was reaching in my purse which caused me to elbow her (she was literally that close). She said excuse me, lol

    As for parents getting an attitude with me about their kids' bad behavior I'd simply reply "Well then teach your child some manners."

    And as for the chick who grabbed your bag. I won't say what all I would've said to her. But it would've started with me ripping her arm off to retrieve my purse. How would I know she wasn't trying to steal it??

    Oh I didn't realize it was a sales girl who grabbed your bag. In that case I would've still ripped her arm off. But then I'd have just sat it back down right in front of me, and given her one of those smiles that says "You've just done a big no-no, but I'm trying to stay civil."
  15. When I was in Vietnam last summer, my cousins took me around the local marketplaces. When entering, fake bags section was the nearest. The saleslady reached out & started touching my Denim Cruise Mini Pleaty! "This looks real," she commented. That was the only time, but still, how rude... :tdown: Unfortunately, I didn't know what to say, so I just moved away as fast as possible, lol.