A question from my boy re: speedys

  1. Alright, my fiancee has been bugging me to ask you all...

    We've been travelling around Europe a fair bit recently and as I'm sure you'll know, Europe is prolific with fake bag sellers in the streets at night. We actually have quite a bit of fun looking at the bags and trying to work out what they're knocking off (about three weeks ago we saw a balenciaga first with a prada bagde on it! tee hee!)... but anyway, I digress.

    In the past month or so, we've noticed an increase in the number of fake speedys with luggage tags(?!). They're only about a 25 size, but have a luggage tag looped in through the buckle bit at the bottom of the handle.

    Now, his question is: why have they suddenly started doing this? It's a blatant indication they're fake... unless LV have started producing speedys with luggage tags and we're just both so far behind the times we don't know? Mine certainly doesn't have a tag, anyway!

    Aren't they supposed to be making fakes closer and closer to the real deal rather than making them different?!
  2. its called poetic license ;) id rather they be creative than be precise.
  3. There are people who like to put a luggage tag on a real speedy and have it personalized with their initials with heatstamping. I've seen it done on a Damier Speedy 30 with a dark tag and gold initials and it's darling. I wouldn't necessarily think a luggage tag means a bag is fake. From what I understand, this is a bit of a fad. My daughter said at her college, a lot of the kids are putting luggage tags on speedies.
  4. Those bags could have been authentic, and people just decorate their Speedy now with a luggage tag...

    But anyhow, yeah... I can see how fakes are getting better and better, but at the same time, they're also taking a few steps back. Like when are they gonna learn that those leather samples and yellow cards are :push: [hopefully never... ;)]
  5. Oh - no these are being sold off sheets lying in the street by people who will follow you around trying to get you to buy one for €50 if you so much as look at them. *these* ones are definitely fake - we'd just never seen an authentic one with such a tag, so we were confused :smile:
  6. Well that's just weird. Maybe they're trying to pick up on the new fad of decorating the speedy with a luggage tag and trying to make it look more real. It sure wouldn't work. The only ones I've seen with the luggage tag were professionally heat stamped and they really did look cute. I don't know why you would try to pull it off with a fake.
  7. Oh man.. the street sellers with the fake bags are SUPER aggressive too ! Look at one for 2 seconds and they will follow you for a block !

    Maybe the luggage tag has to do with how some bags do come with the luggage tag, and aren't luggage ?
  8. new fad, people are placing luggage id tags on their bags, not just the speedy but other models too! Goodness, they are watching the fads too!
  9. :yes: here's mine.. sorry for the blurry pic it was dark in my closet...

    and the heatstamp in my small luggage tag