A question from a Student

  1. I'll be taking classes at F.I.T this summer and I'll be living int he city for a while during that time. I was looking for a tote style bag that I can use to carry around some of my stuff. The Sac Plat seemed to fit this need. I saw one on let-trade but I never purchased it. I know see this one on eBay
    and its in okay condition there is a couple of small tears but do you think tis okay for me to use this bag? I dont want a brand new bag in fear that I'll ruin it but 100 bucks for a bag that I'll use daily and is used seems like a good price. Would you buy this bag to use to carry around skecth books and sewing supplies?
  2. i don't think the Sac Plat would be practical for University. it won't hold much and its hand-held. how about lookinng for a Cabas Alto or Mezzo instead?
  3. Well I'm not taking full out classes. I'm taking just an art class and and Intermediate sewing class. I'd be carrying around two skecth books a box of sewing supplies colored pencils markers my id and thats about it. I tried some stuff in the store and it fit well I'm just worryed about the condition of the bag.
  4. hi personally i will not get sac plat for school, the base seems too narrow for versatile usage. i suggest neverfull MM or GM, or Antigua Cabas MM or GM, or Batignolles Horizontal or Vertical. if u decide to get the bag from eBay do try to get it authetic before bidding :smile:
  5. I think the one you're looking at is fine- it looks a tad wider than modern Sac Plats. I actually love the vintage aspect and that it can be worn on the shoulder.
  6. Bh
  7. neverfull the sac plat is too small
  8. eek. it looks a bit worn out and i think it'll be a bit small for your sketch books and supplies but i mean if you want to get it then go for it.
  9. :yes:
  10. I would go for the neverfull or BH
  11. hello .. i understand your needs. i too went to FIT, however this bag is relly not in good shape. if you do not want to spend over $ 100 .. don't waste it on this one. get a a nice anne klein tote or ralph tote at macy's. not that i would ever tell you not to get an LV , however this one is not in great shape. good luck in you search and at FIT ... you will love it there!
  12. I wouldn't take that sac plat that your looking at for FREE! Treat yourself to something MUCH nicer!
  13. Antigua
  14. ITA...maybe a cheaper tote would be nicer...?
  15. Part of me agrees with ValleyOpressed and the other half agrees with Matt. Not much help, am I? :p