A question for the authenticators: How did you get into authenticating bags?

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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right threat. I hope it is, but if it's not please tell me :smile:

    I have been looking around on this forum for a while and there are so many authenticaters on here!
    I was wondering, how did you get into authenticating bags? Do most authenticaters do this as a hobby or is it their job as well?
    I would love to know your experiences!
  2. Hi, I think the majority of the authenticators do this as a hobby because they have been collecting items from a brand for a long time. The tPF authenticators are all volunteers though (this is important). You'll also see most are just specialized in one brand.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Ow really? That is so nice of them!
    I see you're an authenticator on here as well. I haven't asked for authentication (yet) but thank you for helping on here!
    How do you keep up with all the requests on here?
  4. I think some AT threads are more busy than others, especially for the popular brands. Some AT threads has more than one authenticator though. There are also guidelines to make answering easier, all questions for a brand are posted in the same thread etc.
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  5. I started authenticating just from experience with the particular brands. Once I had amassed an embarrassing number of CLs and Mansur Gavriels, I was able to spot fakes pretty quickly.
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  6. What Ellie said basically. And it's true, although I have (and continue to buy :rolleyes:) other brands I would not even try to authenticate any items that weren't Gucci, that's the only 'world' I actually grew-up with.
  7. Do you authenticate the bags you buy for yourself from the other brands or do you also ask for a second opinion?
  8. I've only purchased new from department stores or boutiques so I never felt I needed to get my handbags authenticated. However if I buy pre-loved from a stranger, then definitely I would get it authenticated here.
  9. I am pretty confident in my skills at this point to spot a fake pair of shoes. If I were to buy a bag outside my realm of expertise, I would definitely ask for help. I would not trust my opinion alone there.
  10. The authenticators here are great! I've posted many questions to both the Coach subforum and the Bottega subforum, as well as Mulberry, and the authenticators have taught me a lot about what to look for in fakes, what may or may not be acceptable markings for a genuine bag, and that there isn't always a hard and fast rule as to what shows up on a label. They provide a great service with their volunteer time. What I find to be the most helpful are authentication replies that have a little bit of extra info, if I ask a question, as that helps educate me. The one word "genuine" or "fake" authentication is helpful, but perhaps less educational.
  11. So pleased to hear

    In some forums it's a consensus rule to only say yay/nay. It's not so buyers can't be educated, but so that fakers/sellers can't.

    As you may know factories buy authentic bags, photograph them a 100 times from every angle, take them apart and try to copy every little, teeny, tiny thing about them but happily there is always something off, we try not to tell them what that is ;)

    I have absolute faith that as newer members get to familiarise themselves with whichever brand forum and their own authentic bags, they will educate themselves. Hopefully to a level where they can help out on the AT threads (after 500 posts) maybe even wear a 'badge'. I can't tell you how much I have learned from just being a member of tPF (and of course making friends from all round the world)
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  12. I'd like to help out. I have had quite a few Balenciaga bags by now and have become quite good at authenticating them. However I wouldn't just want to enforce myself on the authenticating threads. I feel hesitant. Any tips on how to start to help ? I would be grateful. I have had so much help from TPF over the years I would like to help others too!
  13. I think it's great that you want to help out. Perhaps, PM a Bal Mod or one of the reg badged authenticators first and ask if there are any do/don't that all Bal forum authenticators agree to before starting. You have well over the min posts so if you feel confident, go ahead and try. If you only work with items posted, conforming to the form asked for within the thread and you are 100% sure of you will be fine.
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  14. Thank you. Very helpful advice you have given as always. I will contact them :smile:
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