A question for Sloane owners

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  1. A question for Sloane owners.....I tried one IRL and it seemed bulky under the arm while on the shoulder....does it slouch over time and get less bulky? TIA for any info.
  2. I have 2 sloanes (couldn't resist) and find them very comfortable. I don't carry much in the bag, so it's not bulky and I tend to slide the strap a little forward. I totally love the this style!:tup:
  3. Do you need to take the bag off your shoulder when you're reaching for wallet or cellphone?
  4. That would be a yes... :yes:
  5. Once it has a few things in the bag it does slouch a lot more and feels less bulky, Here are some pics of mine without any stuffing and with a couple of things inside.

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  6. Mine is slouchy--it feels comfortable under the arm...
  7. i finally gave in and bought one. love the slouchiness of the bag and i wear it under the arms and on my wrist. it's bulky but i love it. you can easily fit under a thick coat in the winter.
  8. ^ Oh C, which colour did you get? Ferro?
  9. Syma, how I love the OP Sloane! :love:
  10. ms piggy- i ended up getting the one in moro. i wanted a chocolate brown bag and was so tempted to get the campana in ebano. it was a tough decision but i am loving the moro sloane.
  11. Thank You sooo much Ms Piggy, you are so kind, the OP colour is surprisingly neutral! Catabie Many Congrats, the Moro Sloane must be gorgeous, please post some pics for us, this deserves a new thread!
  12. Congrats catabie! :woohoo::yahoo:Can't wait to see your action pics. Moro sounds divine! :love:
  13. Yes, new thread for Moro Sloane pls! :woohoo:

    Action shots too!
  14. catabie-please post pics- the moro sloane must be tdf. love moro.
  15. I feel like the bulkiness of the sloane is a function of how much you stuff it. When it's overfull, it's bulky, when there is room left in the bag for the leather to soften and slouch, it, well, slouches.

    oh my god, this must be beautiful!!! can't wait to see :yahoo: