A question for Robynbenz...

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  1. I really, really really love these sunglasses. Did you see them when you were in Chicago? Jchoo.com says they measure about 2 inches wide (tall)? They also look kind of transparent. I'm not spending that much $$$ for clear lenses!
  2. Hey JMCADON sorry it took so long to reply :sad: (spent the entire day at a spa, getting the works :yahoo:)

    Yes, these were the ones I had planned on going for until I actually tired them on :crybaby: I have a very wide (fat) head and they were very tight across the temples, so they were not comfortable:cursing:

    They were transparent from what I remember and they were very cool looking, but neither DD or Mick thought they looked good on me and since they were too small, I ended up going for the ones I posted.

    The only comment I will make in regards to the Sunnies (all brands fall into this as well) is they all seem to have such LARGE oversize lenses, I feel like a Fly (big bug eyes) :weird:
  3. Thanks robynbenz...
    I already have a couple of pairs of oversize glasses. One Dior pair that I love, but they make me crazy as my eyelashes hit the lenses. The other pair are Cavalli and they are super comfy, but yeah, I look like a fly when I wear them too.
    I just love these Choos, so I will try them on and see...
  4. Can't wait to see what you come back with Jmcadon :graucho:

    As for the eyelashes hitting the lenses..... I could only dream about having that kind of problem:crybaby: No matter how much mascara or brand of mascara I will never have that kind of problem :hysteric:
  5. robynbenz - don't be so humble, you have beautiful eyes!
  6. I think it is just the way they are made...kind of a wrap-around style that fits really close to my face. They won't stay on top of my head either which is a must for me.