A question for pewter 05 owners...

  1. Hi guys-I'd love your help on this. My latest holy grail is an 05 pewter first but the only pewters that seem to become available are the 04s. How rare do you think it is for an 05 (in a first) to come up? Do you think the 04 and 05 are different enough to make it worth the wait?

    THANKS !!!
  2. Hi-isn't that the 04 pewter? It seems so much lighter than the 05
  3. Hiya,

    Me again. I just realised that the pewter first on eBay is a 2004 and not a 2005.

    Sorry, :crybaby:
  4. No problem! I was glad to get your reply anyway because it looked so light in the photo i thought it might be silver (rather than pewter). The seller is actually emailing me photos in differnt lighting and i am tempted....:graucho:
  5. Pewter is gorgous! I had an '04 and it is the one bag I regret selling! Good luck with your search :flowers:
  6. I agree with Cal; I think the '04 Pewter is a prettier color than the '05 Pewter (although the '04 has the matching hardware whereas the '05 has the Silver Hardware).
  7. THANKS you guys! You're all so helpful.

    Do you know if the 04 pewter much lighter in real life? It seems quite silver in some photos I've seen and I guess i'm afraid it may stand out a lot more than the 05
  8. Do a search in the forum...I remember someone actually purchase a 05 pewter bag & a 04 pewter bag & compare them side by side.
  9. I have 04 Pewter and I love the color. IRL, it's a shade darker than it appears in the pics of the auction. I'ts not light like silver....it's gorgeous!!

    I think the difference between 04 and 05 Pewter is marginal.....but then again, I've never compared the two side by side.
  10. I think the one u are lookin at from eBay was SOLD.....it's a gd deal!! are u the winner?
  11. Yeah it was me! :yahoo:Getting all your input really helped make the decision! I think I'll be really happy with her and I can't wait to take her out on the town! I just have to figure out how to post pics so I can show you all when the bag arrives(and the rest of my modest bbag family)
    You've all been really helpful! Thanks again!!
  12. Congrats...it's definitely a rare collector bag and it's a great buy....don't forget to post pics when u receive her:yahoo::yahoo:
  13. I know this seller -she's such a great gal!

    However, I can't believe she put it on Ebay without letting me know! :shrugs::p
  14. I know she is lovely. I haven't yet bought a bbag from a seller who wasn't fantastic! It makes me love the bags even more.

    I think there was another 04 pewter on ebay last week (just missing a shoulder strap) from a PFer so they are definately popping up. Good luck!