A question for "Not a Plastic Bag" owners!

  1. Now that you've made the purchase of that sought after Eco-friendly bag, lined with the words "we are what we do" have YOU stopped using plastic bags? :rolleyes:
  2. Im going to use mine as a mutli purpose bag.

    I figure it will be great for the kids when they run to the store for me on their bike. Also for when i decide to walk to just grab a few things :smile:
  3. I didn't use them to start with, I bought reusable bags the first time I shopped at Whole Foods and Trader Joes and I use those every time. Not so much for the eco-friendly aspect, more because they are easier to carry on the bus and you don't have to deal with the annoyance of two items to a bag leaving you with 20 bags for $20 of groceries! I won't use my AH for groceries though, I'll save it for work and the gym.
  4. I use less plastic bags now...
  5. I definitely use less plastic now. And I always refuse when given the opportunity. I think whatever little you can do in your own way will help.
  6. I kinda have--I shove my purchases in my bag and on several occasions I made the conscious effort to bring plastic bottles home to recycle them.
  7. :yes::yes::yes:. The bag is definitely a very good reminder for me. Plus I prefer using the bag more then plastic.
  8. I stopped using plastic bags a while ago and use, instead, reusable grocery bags. But I save my "I'm not a plastic bag" for carrying non-grocery items.