A Question for MJ experts: Is the Stam timeless???

  1. ladies,

    as i await the arrival of my first stam in metallic bronze, i find myself on the fence about whether or not i will keep her. the primary reason for my hesitation is the "It" factor of the bag, and whether it will be a timeless Marc Jacobs classic, like the Venetia, Stella or Blake.

    i have always purchased timeless handbags, and love Tod's, Chanel and LV because i know that the bags i've purchased (Tod's D Bag Tote, Chanel Jumbo Classic Caviar, LV Mono and Mini Lin Speedys, not to mention my MJ Stella and Elise, to name a few) will last me until I'm an old lady hanging in my rocking chair sipping lemonade.

    so what are your thoughts. is the stam indeed a classic? is it timeless?

    i'd love your insight.
  2. I don't own a stam yet, but yes I think they are "timeless". I once saw an older lady (probably in her 60's) with a stam in a taupe color and it looked great on her, really classy. Also, the stam has been around for a few years and they are still being made. To me, that says that they are not trendy.
  3. I love the Stam. I think it is a well-designed bag that you can wear for a very long time without tiring of it. I have 3 and would love to have even more. I just wore my black Stam this evening and I saw another woman with one and I loved the way it looked. I was admiring the same bag I was wearing! I have a bronze Stam and love it, too.
  4. With the classic style of the Stam I hope it will be around for many years to come. (Listening Marc?);)
    Congrats on your new addition!:flowers:
  5. I actually think the Stam is somewhat trendy so not totally timeless. But I'm sure we still have quite a few years before they start to look dated :tup:
  6. To me, the bag seems a little trendy, but honestly, I think the metallic color is more of a "dated/trendy" thing than the bag its self.
  7. the stam is inspired by a classic shape, but it hasn't been around long enough to determine whether or not it'll be timeless. like someone said before, it'll be awhile before it's out of fashion, so you have nothing to worry about there. it was released about the same time as the paddington, and i think that bag is already dated whereas the stam still seems fresh to me. i might be biased considering i spend all my time here instead of the chloe forum, but i used to be obsessed with the paddington. that love died a quick death. i sold my whiskey paddington months ago, but still have my stam and don't plan on parting with it anytime soon.

    i love the bronze color. i still prefer the classic quilted, but the patchwork looks so great in bright colors and metallics. also, i don't think metallics are dated at all. it becomes "in" again - no fail - every single spring/summer season just like bright colors, pastels, and florals. also, next fall i predict menswear inspired clothing will be hot. fashion is cyclical and pretty predictable nowadays.
  8. Tadpole is right, it's a hard call. IMO, I think it's a classic, mainly because of the classic shape and details of it.
  9. while i don't think it's timeless, i do think (like what tadpolenyc said) that it'll look rather fresh or non-dated for quite a while. the color is important too, though, in my opinion. metallics go in and out every few years it seems, but more subdued colors (like the taupe mentioned above) can work with infinite number of outfits & trends through the years.
  10. If you Love It that is all that really matters!!
  11. IMO, I think the quilted style is definitely a classic, reminds me of Chanel. I think the size of the stam is also perfect, not too big not too small. I can't stop staring at mine!
  12. timeless! luv it!
  13. well ladies,

    i received the bag and i'm sending it back. i am worried about the rubbing. and if i'm meant to get a stam, i think i'd prefer the traditional quilted.

    thanks so much for all of these awesome responses.