A question for Hobo owners

  1. I just got my Sandstone GH Hobo from Bluefly (such a deal!) and it looks gorgeous, but only when it is empty. With my stuff in it, it looks really lumpy and weird. So I tried it with less stuff and it was better, but I basically had to pare it down to about what I can carry in a First for it to look good. Hobo lovers out there - how much do you usually carry in this bag? And are there special tricks to avoid lumpiness?
  2. I don't have a hobo, so I can't comment on that. But I do have a first and know what you mean about being very limited in what I can fit in there. I really decided that it is too small for me for everyday use. I have come to learn that the day seems to suit my needs best. Maybe it's not the style for you.
  3. I have a hobo and I haven't really had this problem...I can pretty much stuff it and it still looks cool. I carry notebooks, water bottles, you name it and it still slouches. I tend to "organize" things in the bag (largest at back, etc), so maybe that would help? Good luck!
  4. I find that I can fit way more in the Day than the First...

    I use a Prada pouch to keep my agenda and smaller things in so that they don't get all mixed up at the bottom on the bag. Then all I have in there is the pouch, wallet and cosmetic bag.
  5. It may be that I'm so used to carrying the Day that I've lost all sense of what I actually need to carry in a bag. I should not be trying to fit a Day's worth of stuff in the Hobo.( I have 4 Days and LOVE them). I think the biggest culprit is my big heavy wallet.(A Coach zip-around wallet that is stuffed to the gills.) That's what's throwing off the line of the bag. I tried it with a smaller wallet and everything fits in a much prettier way.
  6. I have the same bag, the hobo in sandstone, and i love it, i dont think i have this problem?? I love the shape with my things in it or empty
    Picture 111.jpg
  7. The Sandstone/GH combo is so pretty in the Hobo style... I hope you find you way with it - or exchange it for the style that suits you the best!!
  8. That's exactly what happened to me with this style!! I was admiring it and liking it A LOT until I put my things in it. I could fit my items in it, but then no longer liked the look of it. Frustrating! I was thinking of keeping it as an evening bag, but decided to just return it in the end.
  9. hmmm can't say i have this problem. are you putting in large objects in there?
  10. Yeah, I think the stuff I'm putting in is too large for it. I like the look of the hobo in other people's pics,so I think it's more a problem with what I carry than with the bag itself. I carry a big wallet and a pouch with my checkbook, pens, Advil, band-aids, etc. in it and they are big enough to throw off the line of the bag. I can adjust what I carry to make it work, but realistically, I'm not sure how much I'll use a bag that I have to switch wallets to carry.
  11. I once had a greige hobo and I felt that same when there was nothing in it. I felt it looked a bit 'droopy'. So I sold her. After seeing how good the Day looks in bright colours like Vert Gazon and French Blue, I plan on getting one in a bright blue - like French Blue...
  12. I've never noticed this problem, but then again, my wallet is a long flat wallet so maybe that minimizes the lumpiness.
  13. I actually don't like how this bag looks UNTIL I put my stuff in! I don't like it when it looks flat and wide, I like it to sulk a bit and look heavy. But man, does anyone else find the whipstitching on the strap (double since it's gh) tends to dig in to the shoulder a bit?
  14. which hobo r u talkin abt ??? I have the Kate Moss hobo one, but mine is the new with Goldhardware. I have no problem at all with this bag heavy or non heavy. Looks the same and very comfy. Carry it everywhere better than my Giant brief and day bag.