A question for Hermes Kelly and Jumbo owners

I have a question for those that own a Kelly and a jumbo:

I own a 32cm Kelly and love her. I also have. 2.27 reissue, but no Jumbo. I didn't get a jumbo bc the chain worn crossbody hit me in an arkward (sp?) position bc of my 5'0" stature. Now with the price hike I wish I did. With the price of a jumbo almost the same a preown Kelly, would you buy a brand new jumbo or preown kelly? I would like another crossbody bag bc I have 2 little ones in tow. I can always shorten the chain of the jumbo. What do you ladies think? TIA


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Aug 5, 2010
Los Angeles
I have a jumbo but I dont have a Kelly yet but i hope to aquire one soon. I have been surfing around for a pre-owned Kelly and they are actually $4500 plus for a decent one. A new Jumbo would be $3700 double flap. If you can find a new single flap for $3500 I would def purchase a Jumbo because the price jump every couple of months or so also you mentioned you have a Kelly and are looking for somthing you can wear messanger style. Or maybe you can find a pre-owned jumbo? Good luck...


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Aug 16, 2008
How much space do you need? Are you toting kid-paraphernalia as well? I only ask b/c it sounds like the interior space of the new double-flap jumbo is reduced.
akillian24- I do have kids stuff to lug around, ie-snacks, maybe a small bottle, occasionally a diaper.

I thought about space, so I would try to find a single flap if it was still around. I know with my 32cm Kelly I'm able to hold all the above and my stuff, too.

So would you both do a single flap jumbo or a Kelly? At this rate, a new jumbo would be the cost of a new Kelly!
Bbarae- yeah I like the Kelly bc unlike the birkin, it does have a messenger strap u can use. When I'm w my kids, I use the strap all the time. Its great bc its handsfree. So that's why I'm thinking single flap jumbo or Kelly. Would ur jumbo be able to hold all my kids stuff and my stuff u think?


Jun 1, 2010
I definitely vote Kelly! Based on your remarks, you seem to be pretty happy with yours and I feel that it is more "bang-for-your-buck" even if it is pre-owned!


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Aug 16, 2008
If money were no object - I'd go Kelly. But then.. I like the Kelly even more than a Birkin, so I'm probably biased.

Either way - what a fun purchase!


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Oct 21, 2006
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Definitely Kelly! But look into a 34 Lindy too... A really fun bag, easy to get in and out of, plus around that price point gently used. Seriously one of my fav bags, and I have all the bags you mention. GL deciding! Mommy bags can be fun too :biggrin:


Jan 15, 2007
Another vote for Kelly. Handmade, superior craftsmanship, a better value for the money spent, imho.

I can cite a plus for the Chanel -- ease of accessing the contents. However, the Kelly holds more, has a shoulder strap, is not on the arm or shoulder of every other woman.