A question for ebay & Bonanzle sellers

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  1. I have a question for you, I bought a rather limited bag at the outlet the other day, might say it was a score. I'd like to e-bay or Bonanzle it, but I usually buy rather than sell. I have NO experience with the new Credit Card Paypal thing. I started doing a listing but I will have to learn how to do pictures plus allow my credit card to take Paypal, plus probably make a hundred other mistakes. I don't want to make a killing, but it would be nice to come out a little ahead.

    Is it worth it to do an occasional sell like that or should I just take the item back.

    It looks like ebay will let me do a free listing, I'm not sure why or I could list on Bonanzle instead.

    I'm wondering if it will be such a big hit fees wise that I should just return it?


  2. Bonz is certainly ALOT easier to LIST on than EBAY. AND charges NO listing fees AND only a $5 selling fee for items under $1000. You might wish to try Bonz first and at least LEARN there.
    You can CALL PP and see if there is anything you need to do to your EXISTING PP account to be able to receive funds. I honestly do not remember.
    As for the bag.. check for same bag and bonz and ebay... IS that style selling and for how much? Or are there already a bunch of same for sale?
    It is a buyer's market, so research your item and check existing listings and past sales.
  3. I like Bonanzle a whole lot better it's just that ebay get's more traffic.
    Check out your item and see what it sells for and see if it's worth it first.
  4. If you need to sell it quickly, use Ebay. If you have time, use Bonanzle.