A question for dog owners/experts

  1. Right now I have two dogs, a golden lab (8 years old) and a golden retriever (10 months old.) Lately I've been thinking of adding another dog to the family but this time I wanted it to be smaller. Do you think they would get along? Or is it bad to mix small and big dogs in the same household? My fear is the little dog might get hurt...

    Also, does anyone know of a small-medium sized dog with an overall calm and relaxed personality type?
  2. Immediately a King Charles spaniel springs to mind. My sister in law has a lab, and our spaniel gets on just fine with him. They are small enough to be cute as you like, but large enough that you will not worry about your dogs crushing the pup ;)

    I have had alot of different breeds over the years, but nothing has come close, for personality and affection to my king charles spaniel :heart:

    I think that if introduced correctly, any breed of dog can get along. Its just those all important first introductions :yes:
  3. Yep. I think it's best that you get the addition as a pup though, if you have dominant dogs.
    My springer died this spring, and we wanted to get another dog... so we brought our basset mix to the humane society to "visit" another female dog and she was all snarling and stuff...
    The next week I brought home a male puppy, and she was just fine with it. I highly suggest you try "meeting" your dogs with the one you want to get to see if it will work first! I've had my heart broken before where my current dogs wouldn't put up with the new addition.
  4. I recently got a puppy..another male SHIBA INU..And I have to say its been a little rough..LOL..The puppy is WAY more aggressive than my timid 10 year old SHiba.I think personality is way more important than stereotyping the breeds.Just cuz I have one EASY calm Shiba..doesnt mean they are all like that.!!!!!
    Ripley..My puppy is in SERIOUS training classes.....and is A CRAZY MAN!!!!!I love him to death but he is VERY rough with my older dog and its alot of work training him.I will probably never get another dog..THATS how much work it has been!!!!LMAO!I feel sorry for my older dog who is afraid to come out at all anymore.....I love dogs but this little guy has made me re-think this process....Its more work than having a newborn.I swear!He has come along way the past few months..I adore him and even his sneaky ways..hee.hee..BUT be very careful before getting another dog.Its a huge responsibility that sometimes we dont expect issues after having perfect dogs in the past!
    I would "interview" any perspective dogs..check their personailty and attitude around other dogs..itll help to see how they react to "competiton!"
  5. They are adorable dogs! I'm researching them right now. I love what I'm reading about their temperament! :love:

    First and foremost, I'm worried about the dog's safety and want all of them to get along with each other. When I got my golden puppy last year she didn't get along with my older lab. She has since mellowed out and even though they play-fight a bit rough once in a while, for the most part they're ok.

    My lab is so lax and wouldn't bother the puppy, I'm pretty sure of that. When we got the golden puppy she was an angel.

    Should we wait for our golden puppy to mature a bit more? She is a dominant dog so I would need a passive dog to get along with her (this is what I was told by my dog trainer.)
  6. THAT IS THE EXACT SAME SITUATION I HAD WHEN I GOT MY GOLDEN PUPPY! My elder lab wouldn't come out and was so scared! We had to do a bunch of training and the puppy is finally calmer. It has been such a rough ride though...
  7. ^AND you STILL want another dog??????ROFLMAO??Kidding!!HEE!HEE!

    Ripley drives me insane...and is SOOOOOOOo BAD..LOL..But hes so cute and cuddly too...ARGH!!!!!!
  8. Two of my dogs have been rescued. When I got Nadia (the little golden puppy) she was INSANE! I felt just like you and never wanted to get another dog. But now.. she's become so affectionate and sweet (even though she's still energetic!) I will probably always want more dogs... but I think three at a time is the limit for me! :lol:
  9. sorry for jumping in so late.

    i had a husky and a border collie mix a few years back. i then added a minature schnauzer to the family and they got along sooooooooooo well! i agree with the other posters that the proper introduction and training makes a huge difference.

    also, schnauzers are known to be a friendly and confident breed so they'll hold their own. poodles are good too, if you are thinking about the minature size. sorry, after the husky i'm more into non-shedding breeds, hehe! :biggrin:
  10. Thanks so much for replying! How would you recommend introducing a small dog to a big one (or two)? Anyone have tips?
  11. We just added a third doggy to our house two days ago! It's been a total zoo here and I'm exhausted but I just know that this new puppy will be a great addition. My female adult growls and barks at him and so we watch her pretty closely just in case. The puppy just wants to play with everyone and explore everywhere.

    We introduced him very early - the breeder allowed us to take our dogs with us to meet her and the new pups at 4 weeks (our dogs didn't meet them then, just went along for the ride) and then at 6 weeks they actually met in person ---


    They didn't know what to think.

    And when we brought him home, we put him in one of those wire pens that you can get at the pet store and let the big dogs go up to him and sniff. Kodiak (our red/white) wanted nothing to do with him and skulked off to pout! Quinn growled but was curious.

    This morning was the first time Kodiak tried to play or give any attention to the puppy...and it's only been 2 days so that's a fairly good sign.

    I think just monitoring them (which I've been doing nonstop - the only reason I'm online is because all 3 are sleeping!) carefully and making sure that your other two dogs get LOTS of attention. The puppy is all cute and needs attention, but he needs to know his place in the pack. The first two are above them in the pack and it has to realize that. And your first two dogs will get used to him and establish dominance.

    Let us know what you decide! =D
  12. Megan - You have been incredibly clever - well done you! Sounds like you have the situation well under control - but I have to ask....

    WHO IS THE GORGEOUS MAN with that lucky puppy???

    LOL - kidding of course, but well, had to admire from afar...

    Seriously - sounds like you have the perfect way of dealing with this - we have five dogs and all have been introduced along the way into the pack - they have their own room at the back of the house and clearly have the life of riley!! (Im looking at one of my black labs sitting ON TOP of the picnic table as we speak, paws cutely draped over the edge and looking out over the garden for any careless squirrels she can chase!)

    Good luck with the pup - sounds too adorable for words!

  13. That is a good idea, we have 2 cats and have been tossing around the idea of a puppy a small dog I am in love with yorkies and that is a great way to bring him/her into the house to meet our girls. We are searching and doing our homework on the dog that is best for us, the kids are all for it, of course.
  14. Cavaliers are great dogs and they are very easy going, BUT, they are companion dogs. I don't know that they would go well with a Lab. Plus, they need to have human companionship so unless you have someone home all day and you intend on keeping them indoors, you should reconsider a Cavalier.