A question for Carlos Falchi owners...

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  1. I'm getting seriously attracted to their large doctor bags, but I'm still concerned about one thing: given its relatively irregular shape, is it difficult to clean and take care of the bag? I'm looking at a white one, which makes the cleaning even more important...Also, are their bags durable?

    Thanks all...:smile:
  2. I don't have the bag your talking about but I do have a Carlos Falchi messenger bag that I love! Very durable and great quality! :yes:
  3. It's like this:

    The only difference is that I'm considering a white one instead of black.

    It's really nice to know that the quality is trustable! :yes:
  4. I have the bag that Ecthelion just posted above^ Just wore it today. You could make furniture out of the leather, it is so durable and easy to clean. I love my C.F.!
  5. Is it buffalo? I have three buffalo Falchi pieces from the 80s & they are still perfect. I find them very easy to care for & they get a little softer, but not weaker with wear. I agree with Marly, Falchi would make amazing furniture, I'd love to cozy up in a chair made out of my bags.
  6. Great! Then I'll just go for my white one!
  7. I have the small one in both black and cream. Very beautiful, and very well made IMO. The small is just a tad bit too small for me, so I don't carry them as often as I should. you won't be dissapointed in either the style or quality!
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