A question for Bridgit owners...

  1. Is you main front turnlock loose? Mine is really sloppy and loose; it doesn't turn/snap tightly and while wearing my bag today I inadvertently turned it to the "open" position two times. I am just wondering whether this is typical or if my bag is an exception. If it's just me I will probably return this one and reorder another.
  2. aside from that - how did the test run go? Do you love it? easy to get in/out of? everything fit nice???? I'm ordering tomorrow and I can't wait to get it!
  3. Aside from that, it's absolutely perfect! I suppose it's a little more difficult to get things in and out because of the turnlock flap but it wasn't burdensome at all. The more I look at it the more I like it. I really think this is one of those bags that will be easy to dress up or down. I felt completely comfortable wearing it to work today and I think I'll be equally comfortable wearing it with jeans. It's just perfect and you are going to love it as much as me.

    I did notice the woman behind me in line at a restaurant at lunch checking it out. And, I noticed her bag the minute she walked in the door... a fake Chanel. I always wonder if fake bag carriers assume that everyone else's bags are also fake.
  4. My turnlock is not loose at all. I'd get a new one if I were you, it shouldn't be that loose.

    I've been leaving the side closest to the front unzipped so I can sneak my hand in and out of it to grab my cellphone without undoing the turnlock. I wish that little coin purse was a little deeper or bigger, it's really useless. I did put my parking ticket in it though, so I guess we can find uses for it! I'm also finding the outside zippered pocket kind of useless since you can't really get to it without undoing the turnlock. I really like this bag - it's a good size for me, but I'm mixed on a lot of issues too!

    What color do you have Mokoni? I have the black and I'm not overly fond of the vintage leather, looks too worn/faded for work. And I wanted to be able to use this bag for work. I wish it was the Carly leather, that looks a lot dressier and it's so much softer.
  5. My turnlock is not loose at all - it makes a sharp and solid click when I turn it. I haven't had it out yet for a test run, though!
  6. Thanks for your replies. I guess I better take it back and reorder another one. Boo!!! :tdown:
  7. Maybe your SA can order a new one to be delivered to the store and then when it arrives, let you bring in yours to exchange it. That way you and Bridgit won't have to spend a day apart!!
  8. Ha! Great minds think alike! I was thinking the same thing but I don't know if they'd go for it. I am not sure how that would work with my PCE discount, either. I called the store tonight and they said I have to return the first bag now and order another one. My SA wasn't there, though, so I couldn't ask her. I think I will call tomorrow, hopefully she will be there.
  9. I ALWAYS wonder the same thing!!! Congrats on your new bag and I hope you get a NEW one fast! PLEASE post pics!!!!!!!
  10. my turnlock is tight. the one on my zipper is almost too tight, but I don't use it, so that's okay.