A question for Avalon or Asher owners...


Hooked on Classics!
Mar 11, 2007
London, UK
I have a black patent mini Avalon. One of the reasons I bought it was because it has a long strap as well as the main handles. However, when I carry the bag using the long strap the bag puddles into a mess and it doesnt retain its shape when I try and carry it like that.
It that just the case with the patent Avalons? How do 'normal' leather Avalons sit when carried with the long strap?
I am also interested in buying an Asher, again because I like both handles and a strap, but I would also like to know if the Asher keeps its shape when carried with the long strap.

Thanks in advance :tup:


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Mar 27, 2007
I can't answer your question regarding the Mini Avalon right now. I do have one, but I've never carried it by the long strap, just by the handles. But I can try it when I get home and let you know.

However, I can help regarding the Asher. My Ashers (and I have matte and glazed leather Ashers) all keep their shape pretty well -- the top folds over a little bit in the direction of the handles if I put both handles in the same direction -- with the long strap.