A question for anyone with veneers...

  1. I am seriously considering getting veneers for cosmetic reasons. I am wondering about people's experiences in terms of pain? I know the pain can vary from person to person, but I would like to hear first hand the amount of pain that you experienced and how long it lasted. Thanks in advance!
  2. There is virtually no pain because you get numbed-up for the preparation procedure. I have veneers on my 2 front teeth and except for my jaw being tired holding it stretched open for a long time, it didn't hurt. Afterwards, it didn't hurt either.
  3. Thanks - glad to hear someone had a pain-free experience! Anyone else?
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  5. I did mine strictly for cosmetic reasons too. Only thing that hurt was the numbing. For some reason it hurts more in the front of the mouth than the back. Just also be prepared that they will shave your tooth down. I did not know this and when I saw my reflection in the plastic cover for the light the dentists use I was caught off guard. I kind of looked like a jack-o-lantern.

    They will also do molds of your teeth before and after. Then they will give you temporary veneers until the lab can make your permanent ones which took about 3 weeks for me. Then when the permanent veneers come in they cement those in.

    Honestly I regret getting them. Whenever I touch them with my tongue, I just always wish that I had my original teeth back. I'm also paranoid that they are going to fall out but my dentist reassured me that my veneers are stronger than my original teeth. I admit they do look alot better and my smile looks better but, if I could do it again I'd only do it for a health reason not cosmetic.
  6. Oh, I'm fully aware of the shaving down of the teeth. I'm surprised that they didn't tell you about that before you had it done! That's the part I'm most nervous about...is the pain of the shaving. So your teeth weren't sore/sensitive after the shaving?
  7. They were a little bit sore. My dentist told me to take Advil or Tylenol if they really bothered me. I don't think I ended up having to take anything though.
  8. my top 4 front teeth are veneers. i got them in '92 and they haven't moved or changed a bit. i broke my top 2 front teeth as a child and the bonding was getting old. they did all 4 across the front to even out the look. the shaving them down was weird, not bad. the temporaries they gave me were kinda ugly. the worst part i remember is the impressions. that stuff makes me gag.
  9. My front 2 are veneers due to breaking them off when I was 10. I had the bonding as a kid and it turns colors....now there's veneers. You do have to be careful with veneers. I bit into an apple and snapped mine in half. My DH broke his off biting into a carrot. I didn't experience any pain with mine and I've had them replaced 3 times due to bleaching my other teeth and trying to match the shades....and of course, the broken one.
  10. Thanks for all of the info! I guess I'm worrying for nothing...I'm definitely going through with it, the appointments are booked!
  11. Can I ask if it's very expensive? I would like to get my four front teeth done :smile:
  12. Yes, it is quite expensive. It can vary depending on where you live. My dentist is charging $1150 per tooth.
  13. I just made an appointmnet to have my front tooth done..I chipped it in college and have the bonding replaced once a year...I drink a ton of coffee..and I notice a color change after a while..plus I keep my teeth white white white so hoepfully this will be a permanent fix..I have nice teeth and am VERY particular about my smile...I go to the dentist every 3 months for cleanings etc...But I didn't know they could BREAK?!?!? Geez.....I hope it's an even match too..I'm worried that after I get my tooth veneered I'll have to get more to make them look the same too...But my dentist assures me it will be fine..an he's the best in the area..so I'm pretty confident it will go Ok..I made the appointment for Jan '08..It's costing me $945...I'll have a temporary for 2 weeks..then the veneer....Thanx to the OP for this thrad..I've found it very helpful!!
  14. I'm considering veneers after my braces come off. But reading this thread and all the stories about them breaking has put me off!! :p
  15. this is a great thread!!! i've been trying to debate between veneers and invisalign. i only have 2 crooked teeth, but i bothers me, most people don't even notice it. i am now leaning toward the invisilign, but from what i understand both procedures have pros and cons... there is once company, something like lumeneers, that doesn't require the teeth to be shaved down.