A question for any pebbled/python Paige owners..

  1. Does anyone have trouble with 'bat wing syndrome' with their pebbled or python paiges like in the pic below?
    I love the bourbon paige but I have often seen pics of it with the upper sides sticking out and I think it ruins the look. If you tuck them in and close the bag, do the sides stay tucked in.

    I wish the pebbled paiges had those side belt things like the smooth Java and khaki Paiges have..

    Can anyone shed some light on winged paiges?
  2. I do not own a Paige but think you could store it to help crease it as you wish.

    When putting it away, stuff the bag and use clothespins to 'clip' the folds as you want them to be.

    Leather has memory and will eventually learn this position.
  3. I have the pebbled bourbon paige and don't have any problems with that. The sides stay tucked in just fine.
  4. I have the antique rose python Paige, and I don't have any problems either. I keep the snaps closed when carrying and when the bag is resting. It really just gives the bag more of a tote look if you did choose to carry it that way. Gotta love options!
  5. i have a black paige and the sides on it do not stick out at all. They fold in even when there is nothing in the purse.
  6. I betcha someone stored that layed out flat like that. Maybe even with something on top of it. I'd do the clothespin trick and I bet it works after awhile. Sienna are the same way. I see wierd looking Siennas on eBay all the time with the sides out. Maybe they never hooked the dogleash clip while storing them.