A question for Alma BB Blueberry owners

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  1. Hi. I was just wondering if anyone in the US has been able to find an Alma BB Epi Blueberry made in France? My SA said that's it's not likely she'll be able to find one. She's so great she's gonna try. Maybe Italy or spain. Might have to cave and get a USA one. I know there are other ppl that prefer France too. Just thought I'd check. Thank you. ☺
  2. I think for the most part, it's a hit or miss. My blueberry is MIF which was just lucky and a nice surprise. I did not really seek it out. I was in the same situation you're in when I got my fuschia. At the end, I decided to just go for one regardless of it being MIU. Good luck with your search!
  3. Thank you so much. I thought being a new limited color it would be a good chance. Even Spain or Italy . My SA did say that all the ones she has seen that are made in the USA have been assembled the best. She has been great. She sent me pics of both the blueberry and Indego cause I was trying to decide between the 2 and the blueberry just looks so much more cherry. The Indego looks kinda dull compared to the Blueberry. Thank you again. ☺
  4. Most of my items are MIF. I order through the LV website.
  5. Not sure if this helps but I have a hot pink alma bb that came out the same time as the blueberry and it is made in France. It was just a lucky coincidence that they had one and I didn't notice until I got home. Good luck!
  6. I always thought most leather ones were. When I called the store they said they're starting to make them more here in the US now for the US cause it's closer. But the materials still come from France. My SA said she can order one but can't guarantee where it'll be made. She is trying though.
    Thank you
  7. I thought the new limited colors were but the 2 that are in the 2 stores I've tried are both USA. We'll see maybe I'll get lucky and one will come in.
    Thank you. ☺
  8. I picked up a MIF blueberry alma bb from Beverly center yesterday.... I believe it was the last one they had and the SA said it is selling out very fast due to it being seasonal color. Maybe you can try calling the LV store in topanga canyon, they always have better stocks compared to other stores in LA. HTH!
  9. So lucky congrats. I'm still hoping . I should give them a try before my SA orders one. . I just can't pass up this great color. Thank you so much. ☺
  10. I saw this bag on Friday. So beautiful. If you guys find them, share pics!
  11. L
  12. I just checked the website. The color is really beautiful.
  13. It seems like the perfect shade. Not too light or too dark I love blue. . I hope I can find a France one. If not I still want to get it. :smile:
  14. Hi I checked with Topanga and the one they have is USA . :sad: . Thank you though. Might just have to order one and keep my fingers crossed.
  15. Ok well my SA ordered a new one in
    Keeping fingers crossed. Still a beautiful bag anyway. :love: Can't wait for it to come in.