A Question for A Friend: What Bag to Buy? Moving On From a Manhattan GM to ???


Purse Slut
Dec 14, 2006
Western NY
My best LV friend IRL is having a purse-buying crisis and I wonder if you guys can help! She used to carry Kate Spade, Coach, etc. before she discovered LV. About two years ago, she bought a Manhattan GM and all of the mono accessories to go with it (cles, wallet, pochette, agenda) and has carried them every single day (hot or cold, rain or shine, casual or more formal.) While I have to change bags with the seasons and my moods, she has stuck faithfully with that bag and has worn it to death.

So, now she's contemplating purchasing another bag, but it has to be something she will be able to carry just about anywhere and everywhere and not get tired of, or feel like it is out-of-season. She loves the mono, but every time I give her another suggestion (like the new Palermo) she feels it is too much like the one she already owns and why should she get a new bag in mono? On the other hand, she likes her accessories to match. (Unlike me... I can coordinate mono/damier/black mc and not be bothered by it in the least.)

She also has an almost 3-year old and much prefers a shoulder bag to a hand-held. She's admired my Damier Speedy and even ordered the Black Mirage Speedy, but sent it back because it was hand-held. She also likes a bag that closes securely -- no Noe ties or snap-shut styles.

She's had me online looking at Gucci (some I liked) and Marc Jacobs (I don't understand how I can LVOE LV, but not his own line), but I think she would really like another LV, if she could only find "the perfect one!" (I think I need to talk her into an Epi...if only they hadn't discontined the Moka... she would NEVER buy pre-owned.)

So... any suggestions? It also can't be too tiny (she carries a ton of crap around, like me) or too big (she is only about 5'3" and is very petite.) HELP!!


Nov 22, 2006
Cabas Mezzo or maybe a Damier Saleya? I think the Palermo PM would be nice since it has a strap. Or perhaps a Noe? Maybe she can special order the Mezzo or Noe in Damier? It's been done before....

You can never have too much Mono!! LOL!!