a question, and an observation! lol

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  1. #1 Aug 21, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008
    ok: here's the inquiry: is it true that the new lambskin (i am specifically referring to the jumbo classic flaps: the gray one, the dark red one, etc) seems to have a sheen on it? or some kind of coating that makes it more durable than the older lambskin? and if so, is it the same kind of coating as is on the In and Out? its kinda important that i know this (it looks like it does to me, but there are lambskin flap owners in this forum far more knowledgable than i) because i am in love with the '08 dark red lambskin jumbo with the "smoky" silver h/w, and am almost at the point where i must own it, although still hesitating a bit. By the way, it would not be an everyday bag, but a fairly frequent one.....

    my observation is that the new GSTs are about an inch taller than the older ones! has anyone else noticed this? this customer and i were talking about it at the Saks Chanel today....where, bad me, i spent a goodly portion of my day heehee

    thanks so much for any info....
  2. Can't help ya on the lambskin flap but I remember someone (think it was cherripi) mentioning the new GST is taller. So your eyes are not deceiving you!
  3. ohhh good (sigh of relief) thanks Roey!! :flowers:
  4. Hi there, the 08 prefall lambskins with "smoky" matte pewter HW are "vintage" and does have some special treatment on the leather. However, it's still very delicate and is prone to scratches. So, you still need to baby it some way, maybe not as much as the usual old lambskins, but babying is still required. Also, do you know that the size of the jumbo of these prefall lambskins are slightly smaller than the usual black classic lambskin jumbos, and that the chains are 1 inch shorter than the classic jumbos? Just want to make sure you know about this. Good luck! :biggrin:

  5. ^^wow, mia! thats great info on the jumbo. i wasn't aware of it.
  6. #6 Aug 21, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008
    WoW! Mia, thanks sooo much...no, i didnt know about the size difference. the fact that its smaller may be the dealbreaker for me...as i prefer a "larger" small bag, if that makes any sense LOL
    is the jumbo caviar bigger than the prefall lambskin, as well? i may be better with a black caviar jumbo for $2650 instead of a bag i have to baby....and get nervous when i take her out...

    by the way, what happens when lambskin gets wet? i dont want to buy a bag that will eventually need Chanel "spa" treatment because waiting weeks and weeks for her to come back is too traumatic...... :sweatdrop: sorry for all the questions...but you know how it is when the obsession coupled with questions, comes and perches on one's shoulder and won't go away :P...:nuts:

    thank you so much!! :flowers:
  7. Here's a pic I took of a 06A lamb and 08A lamb.

    I think this fall lamb is definitely tougher. When I saw first saw the lamb bags at the trunk show, I thought they felt lot more like rubber! Lol. I'm very klutzy and never really baby anything. (they are just bags, in my defense!) From my own experiences, the lamb of this fall is definitely tougher than the past season lambs.

    However, getting it wet is stil a big no no.:Push: Moisture on lamb would cause spotting.:sad: Even though I'm quite careless with my bags compared to most ladies in the forum, I am very cautious about getting any part wet. I would never carry anything lamb when there's any chance of rain.
  8. really?? anyone have comparison pics? how odd that they would change the dimensions of their classic bags!
  9. I just measured my new GST and it's 13" x 9". Are the old GST shorter than 9 inches?

  10. Dude....i say BUY the red bag!LOL!
    Wait...didnt u just get the brown jumbo??HEHE!!!
    (Ill call u next week....sorry i havent returned your calls...in the Bahamas till next week and will catch up then!)
  11. Yes, the new lambskin is slightly rougher than the older one, and holds up much better. It's also what my SA told me, which encouraged me to get the Bordeaux flap, which I doubt would look as good if it were made in caviar...Obviously not an everday bag, but if you really like the colour, then go for it...