a question and an intro....


Nov 6, 2005
Hi, my name's Carolyn and I'm a purseaholic. I became addicted upon purchasing my first Coach Legacy in red, and moved on to more Coach, a Biasia, and a fringed chocolate suede Feifer hobo.

So, my question.....
I've read all the info about fakes, how horrible it is to support the market, but I am obsessed, and I mean *obsessed* with wanting a Chloe paddington. There is no way I could ever afford an authentic. So I'm hanging my head in shame, and wondering about the quality of the fakes. They still go for so much, $2-400 or more. Can anyone comment on the quality? I'm not sure this is the route for me as *I* would know it is not the real deal. <sigh>
Cheers, Carolyn


I need more shelf space!
Sep 13, 2005
Welcome, but I'm sorry I can't help. I think the copies are very varied in their quality and, by the very nature of their being copies, you can't say that this 'brand' is better than others. I think you need to find someone who has a copy they like and buy from the EXACT same place. I think that's your only hope of any reliability.


Nov 2, 2005
Your last sentence says it all - you would know it wasn't "the real deal" - I would love a Paddington also and can't afford one either but I'd rather have something else wonderful that IS real - Also, the Paddington craze won't last forever- when it dies down, will you still want it? Someone will be selling a used real one if you do. (from a fellow purseaholic)