A question about your keyfobs.

  1. I have been loving everyones posts recently and enjoy seeing not only your coach purchases, but accessories like key rings and scarves. I have some coach purses but only one key ring and soon I hope to have more. To all you gals that have a many keyrings I was wondering how do you utilize them? Do you alternate them on your keychains/purses? I feel like I would start neglecting my older ones once I start getting new ones and I don't want this to happen, but I think it will look kind of silly to have 10 keyfobs on attached to my keys.
  2. I have alot of keyfobs and charms. I try to rotate them around...I have some that I only use as keyfobs and others that look great on my bags, so I'll use them as charms. Alot of them go with the different seasons, so that makes it nice. For example, in the summer time I had the frog or turtle attached to my keys, now that winter is here I have the penguign. I currently have the skull on my black/gunmeteal tote because it matches nicely.

    But, to answer your question, yes some of my older ones get neglected when a new one comes along.
  3. You can always display them like artwork in a shadow box with hooks to hang them on. I've been thinking about doing this but haven't gotten around to it.
  4. I regularly rotate charms, keyfobs and scarves. They go on my purses, keys AND wristlets... they do a great job of changing up the look of my purses and i like being able to coordinate depending on what I'm wearing.

    I currently own:

    3 scarves
    3 charms
    3 keyfobs

    (hahaha I didn't know I had 3 of each!!) but I plan on buying 2 new keyfobs very soon (snowflake and skull!!)

    I apparently only have pics of my apple keyfob on my work computer (shh!) but here they are...


  5. I never thought to match it with seasons, I will start doing that as I get more. Right now I only have to watermelon one that I bought after thanksgiving, but I really love the little guy.
  6. k2 this is the cutest idea!!!!!! I totally want to do this one day... :tup:
  7. I have one attached to my wristlet (the sneaker) and another one on my actual keys (the purple/pink/white heart). I really want to get ones for different seasons though!
  8. I just picked up a blue flower charm,
    [​IMG] that I bought specially for my new azur speedy. It looks amazing with blue so i'm sure i'll never change it.

    On that note I have purchased several others that i'm sure with season or bag i'll change them out.
  9. I use my keyfobs for my keys, I tie scarves/twillies on my bags. It looks cute when o ther people do it, but I generally only buy keyfobs if I like them enough to use for my keys or if I acquire new sets of keys for things and need a new fob. I have the skull for my car keys, a picture frame for my house/mail keys, and a plain old fob for my work keys.
  10. i actually don't use the fobs for my keyes....i love them attached to my bags/wristlets along with charms!!!!
  11. I put them on my bags. Sometimes I match them to the bag, and sometimes I use it seasonally. I have the monkey on my mono LV because it matches perfectly. And on my black gucci and I have bee using the skull, but right now I'm using the penguin for the winter. Now that I think about it. As I get more I think I will get some kind of hooks or something so I can hang them when im not using them!
  12. I like to have them contrast or coordinate with the bags i am wearing. I have a black signature peice and use hot pink and green letter charm with a hot pink red combo zodiac charm both nickel with the nickel hardware on my black signature duffle I hang them with the hang tag all on one side at different lengths so you can see them all, I get many compliments on this. I also Have a pond satchel and I use my own letter charm wich is like a dark purple and pink and red (the other initial is an outlet one for my daughter's initial) anyway, and then I use my signature picture frame keyfob on my actual keys. I never mix metal like i wouldn't put a nickel hardware charm on my brass hardware bags and vice versa. I do need some color variation, because it seems like all of my charms happen to be pink ! I would lke some grass or aqua. Also I too like to put charms on my wristlets so you could have some charms on your bag and then inside your bag on a wristlet.
  13. I usually have a particular keyfob for a certain bag and don't switch them around. Unless it matches another bag, I leave it alone. It's just easier for me.
  14. I am excited about getting more in my collection now after hearing all your ideas.
  15. I use one fob for my keys, and I use the rest on my purses and wristlets. They're super cute (especially the animal ones) and look like the charms do.