A question about vachetta

  1. say the vachetta on the bag gets a patina... will i be able to replace the entire vachetta with a new one? or does that only depend on which bag you have (because some bags it's easier to take it out than others)?
  2. I heard you can replace the vachetta once within the life of the bag I think some bags it'll be more expensive than others
  3. oh man.. this whole patina process really sucks for me.. i love all these bags in vachetta but why do they have to turn patina?
  4. I prefer them lighter too over the years I've releaxed about it but I still have a stage where I don't like it to go darker but many people like them dark
  5. Several years back -- probably over 10 years ago -- Dooney and Bourke came out with a line of handbags called "Cabriolet" -- as in convertible top fabric. Part of the beauty of this line was the leather they used. This was way before my LV days. They advertised the leather as "naked" and it would develop a lovely golden honey color over the course of its lief. I loved that. I had (still have) a navy cabriolet DB with the so-called naked leather. It is a gorgeous color now. It is reminiscent of an Alma bag; a domed satchel style. I found a link to it on QVC (I purchased mine from a department store) http://www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx/view.2/app.detail/params.item.A61550.cm_scid.crtr
    so it still must be available. But they describe the leather trim as follows:
    "in naked leather that's vegetable tanned to encourage a deeper, richer color over time"
    That's how I thought and still think about vachetta. It's a process and not a fault.