A question about "The Weekender"

  1. Ok so I am new at this but I thought there was no shoulder strap for the Weekender. I read somewhere on this forum that if the bag has a shoulder strap it is a dead give away for a fake. Well on eBay there is a Weekender Bordeaux http://cgi.ebay.com/Balenciaga-Motorcycle-The-Weekend-Bordeaux-Bag-Handbag_W0QQitemZ6840786677QQcategoryZ63852QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem

    I emailed the seller asking for more photos and if it came with a should strap. Her response was she couldn't take any photos for two weeks and it came with a strap. The funny thing is this is the same photo as that store Cricket Liverpool that everyone says is legit. http://www.cricketliverpool.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&manufacturers_id=17&products_id=501&zenid=8abb1c7f3ce6396970dc2b80d441f837

    So what is the deal. The eBay person has 100% 400+ feedbacks. Am I wrong that the Weekender comes with a strap???
  2. The Weekender does not come with a strap, and I don't see one in that pic. That Seller must be confused... what's the price conversion on the Cricket bag? She's charging more than retail and probably doesn't even own the thing yet.
  3. I read her response "yes this bag has a shoulder strap" - I think she might have meant that it's strap can fit over your shoulder :smile:
  4. I've emailed her before re: an MJ bag. She uses stock photos. But she told me that she does photo shoots every fortnightly so if she just had a shoot, you'd have to wait another two weeks before she can get you the actual pics. I've heard good things about her and her emails to me were prompt and friendly but I dunno.. I just find it a funny practice to put up a listing and not be able to give actual pics till up to 2 weeks??? Really. And I don't see the point of her BIN in these situations. I mean, who would buy a bag without seeing it, right?
  5. That's what I thought. I am dying for a Bordeaux weekender but I MUST see pics of the actual bag. I mean for that kind of money, it is kind of important.
  6. giggles178, Mimi has a gorgeous bourdeaux weekender :love: that she has pics of her modelling it beautifully on her shoulder and forearm. Maybe it's in the other thread-"Photos with your Balenciagas".
  7. I know I saw it. I would be willing to give my left arm for that bag. It is so beautiful! If I am never able to acquire this lovely bag, I may get a Weekender in Grenat depending on what my Twiggy looks like. I am so sad that I was not into BBags earlier :sad: It's so depressing.