A question about the waitlist

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  1. Usually how long you have to wait before you can get a birkin from the store?

    I found out that is a few different procudure for the waitlist based on different store....

    1.) I waitlist at Taiwan Hermes, I can put my name down through a phone call ( even I dont live at Taiwan) as long as you have someone able to pick up the bag for you at taiwan when it is ready. They told me the waitlist time will be around 3 years.

    2) Waitlisted at Malaysia hermes store, they took out the big waitlist book and wrote down the color i am looking for ( not really in detail) , told me to wait for 5 years..

    3) Waitlisted at Australia, I spoke to the store manager directly and we go through the leather book and picked what I want, she promised she will place an order for me at July, waiting time is around 2-3 years. I found out the store manager is the only person deal with the waitlist and the sales for the birkin. The other staffs would not be able to offer you a birkin or place your name on the list while the manager is away.

    4) Hong kong!! the most strange country! They have " a waitlist for the waitlist" It is so called the "wishlist". So they will collect u r basic information and will inform you when the waitlist open again. ( very unlikely to happen). sometimes the sales will say " if you get this watch from me, I will put you on the waitlist "

    Last time I rang up the Biggest store at HK, spoke to one of the sales, she got down all the color/ leather/ size I would like to waitlist for and seems like I will be getting the bag in 4 years time. On the next day, I rang her up again and she totally forgot what I ordered and she explainned to me what happened at the day before was, she just put me onto a wishlist instead of a waitlist.

    I just wonder for the waitlist, do I have to deal with the Store Manager directly? I found out at some cases, they pretended they put down all your details but actually they did nothing!! and you are not even on the waitlist!!

    If the manager promised eg you will get the bag in 1 years time. Usually can they make it?

    Sorry for so many questions..
  2. Chloe...stateside they are suppose to follow the same rules store to store, but I have found that every store is different. You can't really compare from one Hermes to another.

    Some say there are no waitlists ever, some have closed lists, some will open the list if you are referred, some will list you and won't say how long it will take to get you a bag and on and on. There is no rhyme or reason. That is why it is so frustrating.

    Usually, if you list here you deal with the SA who listed you and she works to help you.

    I think wherever you get on the list maybe you should follow up with a call to make sure they have all you info. correctly and thank them for putting you on the list. You know...a way to confirm your future order. Make them read back your info. You can even send a little card as well. I also think after 6 mo. call or visit and see if you are still on the list and what is going on. It just is follow through.

    Good Luck...it is part wait game, part luck game, and part effort game.
    Hope you get a bag!!!
  3. Talking about waitlist.......if you waitlist at many stores around the world, what happens if all the stores that you waitlist have send your choices to the Hermes choices in Paris and you'll realise that instead of paying for one birkin, you'll have to pay more than one. Can you reject in some form and just want one birkin from a particular store only?
  4. You can reject all of the Birkin's you are wait listed for.

    In my experience if you want a Birkin from Hermes and you want the SA to actively work to get it for you, then you have to establish a relationship with that SA. You have to buy things from that one particular SA from time to time. Whether it be perfume, costume jewelry, shoes, clothes, a different Hermes bag, etc.

    Once you establish a relationship you are well on your way to getting a Birkin.

    I would advise against just code calling a bunch of Hermes boutiques and asking an SA you don't know to be put on the list, because they won't. They might tell you they will, but they won't.
  5. I think the waitlist also becomes longer depending if Hermes is making that particular color at the particular time you ordered it. Another thing is the popularity of the color. In addition, Hermes might make a new color and stores will have them probably without people knowing that it was ordered. For that, you can be lucky or really need to have a good relationship with an SA or store manager to find out.
  6. What i know is:

    There is a waitlist literally in paper form (at least for the stores i am waiting on). I have seen it personally because i want to make sure if my name is on it.

    However, I do hear things that the waitlist is in some situation "guidance". Even u r not on the list does not mean u will not get a birkin. (I am not referring to the situation when birkin is cancelled or rejected by the person on the list) I am referring to the situation when u have good enough connections, even the bag comes in and fits the criteria of the request on the waitlist, u can still get it before the people on the list. At least i was told so and i am yet to find out.
  7. From what I have been reading, it is nearly impossible to get one... so if all the stores call me up at once and said all my "waitlists" have matured, I would charge it up on my credit card and sell them myself!

    Wow! How do you ladies do that? Wait 3-5 years for something? I have not been gifted in the patience department. And I think I would get bored of waiting. As much as I think they are gorgeous, I don't know if I can hold out for that long... I guess it really builds anticipation...

    Wow! I never knew the wait was that long and severe! Good luck to you girls out there that are on the waitlist or even worse, the wishlist! :smile:

    PS just out of curiousity, what takes them 5 years to make a bag? Are they breeding the goat or calf when you put the order in? Or is this great marketing, to mark up the prices, supply and demand? hmmmm...
  8. I'd have to say that I agree with Smooth :smile:

    From what I know, Hermes controls the waitlist very tightly & they are pretty good at checking that the same person does not waitlist in several cities or countries (Of course, some people are able to get away with this). In where I live, there are 2 Hermes stores that has waitlists & you're not allowed to waitlist at both stores (the 3rd store is managed by DFS & doesn't take Birkin orders). Even if you managed to make the SA take down your details on a form, it probably won't reach the boutique manager at all, who controls and closely monitors the waitlist & reports to the corporate head office.

    From my experience, getting on the waitlist is just the start. Some customers on the waitlist are rich "Tai Tai" (ladies who lunch) & they would drop tons of money on clothes, shoes, etc. to bump themselves up the list (Yes, it works) but that's just not me...but I do visit my SA from time to time & buy stuff that I love.

    I know some ladies don't understand why you'd need to build a relationship with a store or SA. IMHO, this is one of the reasons why Hermes is exclusive in a way. You don't need to do that at Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, YSL....right ? :smile:
  9. I think relationship is a KEY!! cos I believe they have quite a bit of birkin at the back anyway.. just depends on.. are they willing to offer to you at that specific time. or offer you to waitlist.

    I hope as what the store manager promise me, she will place an order for me at July. I dont mind to wait a few years for my perfect baby.
  10. Thanks girls for all of the info. I agree you have to build a relationship with the Hermes SAs. But when you're so busy with a job like me, I don't even have the time to build relationships let alone watching television. Thinking about that, "When was the last time I watch tv?" kekekeke:amuse: :amuse: :amuse:

  11. I have built an excellent relationship with my SA at NM, so I hope that helps a little, but mostly because I actually think she is a sweetheart. If I only lived near a Hermes boutique though, things would be a LOT easier. At least I get to live vicariously through all of you lovely ladies and your gorgeous Birkins, Kellys, Paris Bombay bags, and of course, those gorgeous Bolides!!!!!!!!!!!!