A question about the quality....

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  1. Has anybody found that the quality of Mulberry's bags been changed?? For example, have you found that the quality of bayswater you buy it this year poor quality than few years ago you bought??
  2. There have been a few posts here where people have not been as happy with the quality of the bags lately. Do you have a problem with your bags?
  3. I think mulberry has had a change of direction from sturdy hardwearing bags made of Darwin and NVT to the more fashionable less functional bags IMHO. I don't know whether it is a loss of quality more a change in purpose perhaps. The newer more fashionable bags seem to me to have shorter lifespans because they are more on trend and are perhaps not built to last. The classics like the bays in NVT still seem to be okay. Of course that is just my personal opinion and I'd be interested to read other peoples opinions.
  4. I've not been in the game too long, but I've noticed the change in direction too (haven't we all?)

    I think the quality issues are connected with next to zero new bags with nvt/darwin, and several made of less durable leathers. Seems the nvt bags aren't as exposed to quality issues as the new leathers are.
  5. Spot on:smile:
  6. Gals,
    We all know it is up to us to stand up to it! ;)
  7. Very diplomatically phrased, bluecat!

    I have some newer Mulberries but one of the things for which I'm particularly grateful to tPF is that I've been able to pick up some discontinued classics, of the kind which drew me to Mulberry in the first place, years ago. I would never have dared try and source any of them on eBay without the wonderful authenticators here.