A question about the paige...?

  1. Ok...

    Can anyone shed some light for me? I am seriously considering a Paige because I love the style and size :yes:

    But is it my eyes, or doesnt the Paige have a flat base? What happens when you place it on the floor or a table? Does it just fall onto its side or will it stand depending on whats inside?

    Say if I have a few bits inside, like a purse, glasses and hairbrush, and I place it on the table. Will it fall or stand?

    Do you get what Im trying to say:shrugs: .....:lol:

  2. I fondled a Paige in bourbon in a boutique but did not put my stuff inside. I had the impression it could stand on it's own if not stuffed full, but if you have alot inside it might fall over.

    It is cavernous inside, great if you want to carry a water bottle, a book, etc. along with your other normal stuff.

    Perhaps an actual Paige owner will add their comments.
  3. I am comfy on my couch right now but in a few minutes i am going to get out my paige and put some stuff in and give you an answer Shes new and ive only used her 2 times and i didnt really pay attn to that :smile: but i will let you know shortly! :smile:
  4. I just bought a Paige...haven't used yet but after reading your question, I loaded her up and set her on the coffee table. I don't carry a hugh amount...with my stuff the bag sits on it's bottom, kind of slumpy because it's soft but doesn't fall over.
  5. Halzer, sorry this is off topic... but that is one helluva booty-shaker in your signature! LOL
  6. LOL yep! I changed it to this one as someone else on here liked my other one and wanted to use that.

    Ahhh it reminds me of my moves that did in my 20's...cant manage it like that now though! :lol:

    Thanks for the into on the paige everyone. Im spying a deal of the century of a paige at the moment...if I get it I will spill the beans.