A question about RM Tag

  1. I live in south Korea and I've got my first RM bag a few days ago from U.S online shop.

    When I opened the box, the RM TAG was not tagged to the handle of bag but it was inside the bag.

    Can you guys let me know if it's weird or not?
    Am I thinking too much? T^T
  2. That's the way they come from RM I think.....Wouldn't bother me at all. They only "loop" around the handle anyway. No biggie.
  3. They didn't "loop" RM tag around the handle, but put it in the inside pocket of the bag, so I think it's unusual.
    Could it be the way they come from RM?
    (sorry, because it's first time I purchase RM)

  4. I think sometimes with online purchases they do this. Since it's not on a retail floor they don't actually put the tag on the bag. A Chloe I just bought didn't have the tag on the bag itself - it was on its string inside the bag - I bought it online from Nordstrom, so no concerns about authenticity!

    Fret not and enjoy your new RM! Would love to see pics!!
  5. I was saying "if" the tag was on the outside it would be looped around the handle. I understood from your original post that it was inside the pocket. This is not weird or strange to me. I receive them this way directly from RM.....tag placement totally depends on the vendor.

    I would only be concerned if the bag showed wear.
    Otherwise I would just enjoy the bag.
  6. Thank you, then I'll enjoy my first RM bag!
    Will post my lovely RM soon~~:loveeyes:
    Enjoy your Chloe too!

  7. Well noted, your comment is so helpful!
    Thank you so much!
    I would enjoy my first RM ^_^