a question about returns

  1. The cosmetic pouch I bought the other day is too big for my needs. I haven't used it, I just put my stuff inside and realized that it's too big to go in my purse and fit everything else comfortably.

    I have my receipt and everything (like I said, I just purchased this...Thursday). However, they gave me the display one because they couldn't find another one and the one I have didn't come with tags on it. Is the fact that there are no tags going to be an issue? I mean, i'll accept store credit or whatever...I just want a smaller pouch!

    Also, is there a smaller cosmetic pouch? I don't see one on the website. I love the one I bought, but it's way too big for me. :s
  2. I'd suggest going back to the SA that you purchased it from, explain that it doesn't suit your needs & remind them that it was the display & thus no tags to begin with. Good luck.
  3. Coach is great with returns.. as long as you have your receipt you can get your money back... if you don't you will get store credit. Tags are not an issue. ;)
  4. Just for reference, I returned the beauty case this afternoon with no issue. The SA was VERY nice!
  5. So even if you used it for a while you can return it without the tags? Interesting!
  6. I didn't really use it, I just put my stuff inside and then realized when I put it in my purse that it was way too big.

    I wouldn't suggest returning anything USED, that just seems dishonest.

    But yes, they took it without the tags.
  7. I wouldn't imagine returning something used...besides, I don't even take tags off of things until I'm SURE I want to keep it.