A question about pebbled Sienna's...

  1. Ok...all this talk about Ada's has got me groping mine again. I especially love the bubbly leather of them, and I would like a kooba with the same type of leather.

    My ada is the 'Sand' coloured one, so I dont think I will get much use of it during the coming autumn/winter months, so Im considering a Pebbled Sienna.

    The leather on those look the same as the Ada's leather, but does anyone know for sure?

  2. I don't have an ada, but I did have a pebbled sienna, for a short time. I ended up returning it because after carrying it for 3 days the whipstitching on the handles started fraying (looked like the handles were growing hair!). I have noticed this on a few of the black pebbled siennas on eBay as well, it shows up in the photos if you look for it. I now have a smooth black sienna that I totally love, have carried it several times, and no problems. I don't know if this is true with all colors, or all the pebbled siennas, but I definately have noticed and experienced it with the black one. Just a heads-up for you.
  3. I have a black and bourbon pebbled (distressed) Sienna and I've not had that problem with the handle fraying. The leather is really bubbly, like the bourbon Jessies and black Jillians. Finish is a mix of matte, satin and polished (not patent). I love mine and carry them all the time. Wonder what made your handles fray? Did you condition your bag with Wilson's TLC?
  4. I've seen that fraying on pebbled bags before too. But with the smooth Siennas I've had, I don't see any. Maybe it is inherant only in pebbled leather (???). Like Nunnla said, it is more like the Jillian's leather. Seems like the Adas have a larger sized pebbling, but maybe just because it is bigger. But I think esthetically the bigger pebbling would look odd on the Siennas and the smaller pebbling on the Siennas would look weird on the Adas. So it does seem to work.
  5. Fraying handles eh? Hhhhmmmm.....

    Ok thanks for the tip. I think I will give them a miss unless I see an ultimate deal (very unlikely...)
  6. I think the pebbled Siennas look NOTHING like the pebbled Jillians or Adas. The leather seems very different to me, stiffer and board like.
  7. Yes, the pebbled Siennas are stiff. That is the reason I sold my Bourbon one. It just didn't look like it was going to soften up or slouch ever.
  8. Seems like my embossed Sienna is a little stiff, too, but I wanted that exact look, so it lived up to my every expectation.
  9. I broke down and bought that smooth black one we all drooled over on eBay a couple weeks ago. I loved my pebbled one until I got the smooth one. So much softer - a classy bag! So, like you, Lexie, the pebbled one is being sold to someone at work who has admired her for a long time - it will be her first Kooba.
  10. But they do soften up. My bourbon Sienna falls into a puddle like pudding now. And my raisin one is already on it's way to being a pile of mush and I haven't even used it yet!

    No problem with fraying either. Maybe I'm just lucky. I like the smooth Siennas but they don't have the same appeal to me that the pebbled ones do. viva la difference! ;)
    KoobaRaisin.jpg KoobaRaisin2.jpg
  11. That's good to know Grace. I have not seen the distressed Siennas in person, and probably won't ever now since they've all been discontinued. Your raisin bag looks just yummy. What a perfect fall color!!
  12. I do love that raisin color as well. It truly is beautiful and I'm a sucker for a perfect plum/purple. Fabulous.
    I must the only one that doesn't have a Sienna though!!! :graucho:
  13. I saw a black pebbled at Holt Renfrew, and I have to say...I didn't like it. I thought I would but the weird texture threw me off. Ah well. I think the ADA leather looks a lot different, Halzer.