A question about multipocket hobo

  1. I saw a white multipocket hobo at Niemans in SF this weekend, and then got online at home to show pics to my bf and I couldn't find it ANYWHERE online! Is the style discontinued or what? I love the bag, but one of my friends gets a twice yearly 70% off MJ, so I'm wondering if I wait until then if it will still be around, or if it's not going to be available anymore and perhaps I should snatch it up quickly! Please help...
  2. the most important question is how does your friend get 70% off????
  3. ^Really!!! Inquiring minds want to know!!!
  4. She works at Sephora HQ, so I'm not sure why her discount is limited to the MJ brand, but it is. I'm also not sure if it's on everything or only the previous season's leftovers...I know last year she got a multipocket satchel, some long skinny bag, and a little credit card holder thing, so that seems to me like it's on all the styles, but maybe limited color selection. It's my boyfriend's cousin so I'm having him find out more details about it tonight!
  5. If I were you I might have to make Miss 70% off my new best friend!
  6. Hmm.. that's interesting! My cousin works for LV and gets discounts at Sephora. I wonder if he can get a discount at MJ? Are they're all interconnected somehow?

    Anyway.... as for the white MP, did it have silver or gold hardware, and what color was the interior? MP hasn't been discontinued. Check the marcjacobs.com website and see if they have that color posted, although they don't have all colors on the website.
  7. I just found out some more info....it actually is on all the LVMH brands (!!!) and not on all the stuff, but its unclear what stuff is included and what is excluded. There's also a limit on how many of each style she can purchase. This is all 2nd hand info from my boyfriend, lol....she and I are sort of friends, I just met her when I moved to SF a few months ago. Hopefully she will be willing to extend her discount to me, or at least to my boyfriend FOR me :smile:

    The hardware on the MP I saw was gold (I'm 90% sure of that, but can't remember exactly)
  8. That discount would be wonderful! I'm envious.

    They're all a part of LVMH.
  9. ^ Wow I never knew LVMH owned all that! Thanks for the link!
  10. Gold hardware, eh? I wonder if the color was tapioca? There's yellow undertones though, not sure if your bag was stark white colored. Here's a photo of the blake from bluebeeonline.com:

    BlueBee - Marc Jacobs Blake Tapioca


    DUH, I should have realized that LV and MJ were related... I better be extra nice to my cousin now... If you ever find out those dates, please let me know!
  11. LG MULTIPOCKET in WHITE is from Spring 2007 (this season), this style is still being made. NM online doesn't have it yet; you can see the almost completed listing of Spring 2007 bags in this thread:
  12. Thanks for this info...whether or not I can use her discount on it I think it may be my next handbag purchase. I usually find MJ bags too heavy (literally) but i the white this bag was gorrgeous
  13. ^^ Oh Kate, some of the new bags are quite light. Take a look at Deborah. =)
  14. OH..my long lost love returns to haunt me..I had this bag in my hands & decided to return it b/c I have a red blake and would get another MJ bag in tapioca....It is sooooo beautiful IRL!!!!! I f I found this on sale someday I would have to buy it back!! :graucho: