A Question about Multicolore ??

  1. Ive always wondered this about the MC... im hoping someone can shed some light on the topic..

    Why is it that some MC appear sometimes more purple/pink or some appear a lot more green than others ?

    Ive seen this quite a few times on MPRS items... where there will be a black MC Speedy that looks like it has A LOT of purple/pink logos... or white MC Speedys with lots of grey fleurs... is this normal ??
  2. I wouldn't know, really..the only thing I can think of is maybe it's the way the canvas was cut. I've heard of people buying bags though because they had a lot of pink for example..so maybe that's why?
  3. It's just the way the Canvas is cut to construct the bag...since there are 33 colors to deal with it's not very easy to find identical Multicolor bags...
  4. yeah, it's the way the canvas cut... some are cut with more pinkish, and some are not, so it gave different tone for each bag, and it's great because then we can choose which tome we like the most.
    also the white and black MC have different color treatment...
  5. I totally agree with my purse collegues. I actually picked my white MC lodge form 5 different bags because I wanted a lot of pink and no black. The lodge pm is small enough that you don't have black if you don't want to.
  6. That's funny because last week, my SA said that the portemonnaie plat was always cut the same way with the same colored LVs on front. I can't imagine that is true?
  7. :amazed: I don't think so. I've seen different fronts from MPRS. :hrmm:
  8. well when i looked at my wapity.. i swear the colours lined up exactly the same way as the other PF members black MC wapitys.... but then some of my other MC items have a diff colour combination... *shrugs*
  9. I was told yesterday by my SA that there are two versions the MC pastel and darker colors this is regardin the white MC's.
  10. I made my SA get the 3 MC speedy's out for me to get the most pinkish,purply one. There is a CONSIDERABLE difference between the one I got and the others that were there(more light blue in the other bags, but more purple pink tones in mine that I chose. I distinctly remember my DH telling SA's to get ready, I will be here a while.:lol:
    Also, my mother in law got me the white MC pochette and chose one that I would probably not have chosen myself:shocked: as I want the more pnk monogam MC bags. Hope that helps!
  11. my friend's sister who is a big fans of lv also said that there's 2 types of colours in the MC white... but the only line of colours i've seen in an authorized store are only one type, the type that most of us had :hrmm: this is confusing... i think i really need the truth :P