A question about mulberry barcode tag.

  1. So far i have seen 2 type of the tag, but i'm not sure if it mean that one is for the fake mulberry and another is for the genuine Mulberry. OR is it because the bag is from different shops in different countries? Can anyone help clear my doubt?
    This first one is a picture of a bag bought from an outlet in uk. The second pic is just from somewhere else and i have also seen tags like this with replica.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Try editing your post and reinserting your pictures, they're not showing :sad:
    I think you can open a free account at auctiva (sp?), upload your pictures to that website and then copy the URL's :smile:
  3. Your links aren't working, but there are several different styles of tag used by Mulberry and also by the replica makers. The only difference is that the ones used by the replica makers, tend to have an oversized tree.
  4. Sorry...Let's just forget about the links then.:p So, are you saying that tags can vary even for the same bag model too???
  5. Yes, exactly.
  6. JAzzyJay - I am constantly amazed at your knowledge!!! Are you sure you are not the owner of Mulberry????? hahahaha