A question about Marc Jacobs the man

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  1. Was he at Louis Vuitton as a designer first then created his own line or vice versa?

    Today I read he was at LV for 10 years then created his own line 5 years ago. I thought he just recently went to LV, but I wish I was wrong.


    (In the same article it was talking about how his contrast stitching make his bags stand out and is a way to show authentic from fakes so that may me feel better about the black Blake with white stitching I just bought).
  2. ^ That was an interesting read, thanks for posting!
  3. Yup, details (such as colors of leather, stitching, lining, hardware) are changed every season (less often for hardware). Good since these will prevent the fake ones from catching up. =)

    Cilifene & I both have Linen Blake with blue suede lining -- changed to dark brown this season.
  4. this title thread makes me smile