A question about Mabel hardware

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  1. As you all know, I am the owner of the large ocean blue Mabel and the medium fuschia Mabel.
    I was having a look today and I noticed that the hardware is different. On my blue Mabel, the hardware in gold and shiny and on the pink it is brassy (as the brown was).
    I bought both bags from Mulberry shops, so why is there a difference in the hardware. I am confused. :confused1:
  2. i dont own a mable but i have heard this before if that helps i think some are diffrent.
  3. my denim mabel hardware is silver. I think it just depends on the style.
  4. I have a red which has shiny gold hardware & the aqua which has the shiny silver. I think different colours have different hardware.
  5. It is just that I looked at the large blue Mabel on Net-A-Porter and it has the matte brass hardware, not shiny. The photos MK showed of her Mabel that she returned showed matte brass as well. The medium Mabel is shiny on the Mulberry site though.
    And then to confuse me even more, on the Mulberry site (and some other members photos) the hardware is shiny and mine is matte brass.
    Very strange!
  6. The hardware on my fuschia mabel is gold....how random!
  7. both my mabels have different hardware - it must depend on what suits the leather and color the best.
  8. My medium fushia has matte gold (or brass) hardware and my medium metallic black goat has shiny gold
  9. Could the differences in hardware also be down to which country they were made in? :shrugs:
  10. My Aqua Mabel has the silver.