A question about Ludlow wallet

  1. Is there a spot to put cash in it?
    Because I have been looking on E luxury and the pictures arent that great...
    if any of you have it could you just let me know before I buy it

  2. no there is no place specifically for cash, you have to fold it and put it in the coins compartment, thats the only thing i hate about my wallet and want to get a long wallet so my bills can be nice and straight

    *i tried to upload a picture but the file was too big >< sorry.
  3. I have both the Ludlow and the multicolor cozy purse. Um, if you fold your bills and you aren't carrying that much I suppose you can put it in there - you may stretch it out a tad. It's mainly a "coin purse" - type deal. I use it for all my cards and then coins.
  4. Thanks guys
    I guess I won't get it then because I mainly use cash and it wouldn't be very practical for me.
    I was looking for a wallet like under 400 with a cash department and change purse but I doubt I will find one.
    Thanks for your help
  5. It is really a cute wallet, but it is just too small! I can't wait to see the diary wallet IRL! That looks cute!
  6. I use like this.


  7. I have one and I like it. It fits perfectly in a small bag. It fits bills, coins and cards.
  8. Me too. My s.a. told me to use it this way as well; she also mentioned the Ludlow is one of the best selling smaller wallets at the moment. How is the lace on your Dentelle holding up, by the way?
  9. i love your Dentelle ludlow, i really wanted one....
  10. Thanks for the tip noe noelie. I'm thinking of getting one in pomme and i originally planned on putting the bills in the coin slot. This way seems better.
  11. I fold my bills in half and just insert it in the card slot. I will take a picture tmr to show you. =)
  12. i put my bills in the 'coin' part. as long as it isn't too much, it fits just fine. i pay mostly with my debit card anyway.
  13. Thanks! Visuals are always helpful!
  14. yeah thanks guys
    now that I saw the pictures I think I might go for it.
    I don't really mind folding the money, and I'm not willing to spend like 600 on a wallet so
    thanks for the pictures and replies!!
  15. you can see how i use mine in the INside ur lv wallet thread