A question about lambskin

  1. Okay, stupid question, I know, but all of my Chanels have either been caviar or calfskin so I'm not really familiar with lambskin. I just bought a purse off eBay and it's supposed to be lambskin, but it isn't what I would consider "soft" and perfectly smooth as I often hear Chanel lambskin described. The leather on the side of the bag is actualy kind of grainy. It does look kind of like lambskin on the front and seems to scratch easily though! I want to make sure that I take care of it properly so I need to be sure of what it is. Any thoughts- is it lambskin and I just always over rated the soft-factor or is it something else?

    Thanks so much for helping out a lambskin newbie.


  2. It does look like lamb to me. You don't have to baby it too much, if you get a scratch, rub it in w/ your finger:yes:
    Lamb is more delicate than other leathers so you don't want to throw it around. But that color and finish isn't so delicate you need to worry too much.
  3. Thanks Swanky! I'll be sure to be careful with it. Does Chanel just make some lambskins smoother than others or do they pick up texture as they wear?
  4. there's several different lambskin textures/finishes from Chanel.
    The Classic Flaps in lamb are usually a pretty delicate lamb, soem of the others aren't quite as butery soft or as delicate.