A question about Epi Passy

  1. I'm looking at the Epi Passy GM in Cannelle or Black. I love the compartments in this bag and the structured look.
    I do have a problem choosing a colour and I hope you ladies can give me some opinions! I'm leaning towards buying a "safe" colour for everyday office use.

    Do you guys think this cannelle colour is good to look at? I've tried it on and it's pretty neutral.

    I feel the black looks a little harsh, but is the brown boring?

    I'm tried on the regular Passy but it can't go over the shoulder.

    Another thing, will the smooth top part of the bag show scratches easily?
  2. I tried on the Passy GM in Cannelle and did not like the colour. On me it looked 'old', it's not the right word, but it just looked too mature for me. I ended up getting the black, which looks stylish and elegant.

    A previous SA has told me that the smooth part may wrinkle, which does not come out. But so far, so good.
  3. I have an epi passy GM in black, I really like it. It is a bit big and dark, but it is a great travel tote (because of the secure center compartment) and can hold a ton. I also think it could be a great work bag. That said, I really love the Cannelle color too, I have an epi speedy in that color and LOVE it . The problem with Cannelle is that it can be hard to match with shoes in the winter (summer is no problem.) If you want to use your GM year round, I would go with black.

    ETA: I don't have any problem with scratches on the top part. It can show some finger marks after a while, but I just wipe it off witha soft cloth and it is fine.
  4. cili_padi and steph,

    your answers are extremely helpful in my making a decision. Thank you! I'm in a place where it's summer all year round.

    Honestly I'm loving the ivorie, but I have to eliminate that choice as I'm a very rough person.

    Ooo, black and brown, black and brown!
  5. Does anyone else have other experiences with this style or these 2 colours? It would be a great help.
  6. I would choose black - more classic :smile: