A question about COACH pouches

  1. Coach has been coming out with really cute pouches (the ones that look like large cosmetic bags) and I was wondering how all of you carry them?? Do they fit comfortably on the shoulder or are they only hand held bags? They seem a bit bulgy compared to the classic demi pouch and the strap doesn't seem as long but its difficult to tell from pics.

    I would appreciate your input. Thanks!
  2. I agree that it might be a little bulky and that might make it a little uncomfortable under the arm, but I guess just carry it when youre not planning on bringing much with you, just the essentials. Also, the straps arent adjustable but most of them have the clip so you could just get some sort of "extender" like a keyfob or something cute and that would make more room for if you carry it on the shoulder. Maybe something like this combination -

  3. I LOVE this bag. Not all of them will accomodate an extender...but my latest will. if you want to carry on your shoulder you'd definitely need it..and even then it might not be long enough. But I love it so much I don't mind that it won't go on my shoulder. I love it because its smaller...but actually REALLY roomy inside... like can hold my sunglasses in their case (because their coach of course) wallet, cell phone, coin purse, and misc stuff like gum, lip gloss etc.
  4. I would say that they are definitely a hand held kind of pouch...the one I have at least doesn't allow for an extender....so i guess it all depends on which one you buy....
  5. abandonimages.. what a great idea!! how did u come up with that!!! :nuts:

    and LVgirly.. i've got the signature tie dye pouch.. and its certainly cant be carried on shoulders. but i kind of like that fact.. cause i am sick of shoulder bags! :rolleyes:
  6. I have that exact combo going on, but with an older pouch! It works really well. I need to find one for my zebra now.
  7. First of all, I love those bags! They're so cute!!

    Anyway, I went to the Coach website and under handbags,I went to types, then "on shoulder", and none of them were there, so I'm guessing that Coach suggest that you carry it in your hands.

    Or you can just attach the keyfob to make it bigger-- that's a great idea abandonedimages, I would of never thought of it
  8. Thanks vanilla_addict & redrose! I think I got the idea awhile back from the LV subforum. They were talking about "extenders" and someone thought to use a keychain (?)
  9. Thank you Abandoned Images! What a creative idea. I was aware of the pochette extender for LV but never even thought of using that for Coach.

    And thank you everyone else for your input. I will be on the lookout for a pouch that can accomodate an extender. :yes:
  10. it depends on the style, they are all the soame, but i have found the newer ones hgave longer straps, if you go into the store, ask them about a key ring expender, that helps. but i carry them ad bothe sholder and handbags
  11. I think that you would need to use an extender if you want to carry the pouch as a handbag, since the original purpose of the bag is for cosmetics (a cosmetic pouch).